Sponsored Research Projects

Financial Year 2015-16

S.N. Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Name of the Funding agency Title of the Project Sanctioned order no. Sanctioned date Amount Received(In Rupees) Amount received (in words)
1 Dr. Rajan Jha DST
Indigenous Development of Miniaturized table top surface plasmon resonance based fiber optic sensor IDP/IND/2010/15(Capital) 02.03.2012    
2 Dr. Niharika
UGC-DAE Neutron Diffraction studies of fiels induced magnetic transmission in Er5si3 UDCSR/AO/MUM/CRS-M-167/12/1161 05.03.2012    
3 Dr. S pal Utkal
Intramolecular 13-dipolar cycloaddition of nitrile oxide to embellished bicyclo[2.2.2] octenones ant its derivatives: studies on the synthesis of isotwistane framework of pupukeananes Dev.I(R&D)/50/8870 01.05.2012    
4 Dr. N V L Murty BRFS&T Performance studies of silicon Carbide X-Ray Detector in High-Energy Neutron & Gamma Radiation (ITER-Like) Environment BRFST/NFP/2012/FEB/N/08 05.04.2012          376000.00 Three Lakhs Seventy Six Thousand
5 Dr. U C Sahoo DST Characterization of granular Lateritic Soils for Mechanistic Design of Payments SR/FTP/ETA-0044/2011 08.05.2012    
6 Dr. S Pal DST Asymmetric synthesis of embellished carbocycles from carbohydrates via intramolecular 13 Dipolar cyclloaddition reaction: studies towards total synthesis of naplanosine F. SR/FT/CS-30/2011 04.05.2012    
7 Dr. Ashish Biswas CSIR Role of C-terminal Region of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis HSp 16.3 for its structure stability and Chaperone Function-A Biophysical and site Directed Truncation Study 37(1535)/12/EMR-II 02.04.2012    
8 Dr. A K Ojha CSIR Multi - Objective decision making tools for environmental and regional planning 25(0201)/12/EMR-II 23.03.2012    
9 Dr. T V S Sekhar CSIR Validity of Quasi - static Approximation in Magneto hydrodynamic Flows and Heat transfer - A numerical study. 25(0200)/12/EMR-II 22.06.2012          272613.00 Two Lakhs Seventy Two Thousand Six Hundred and Thirteen
10 Dr. Niharika
DST Role of A-site cation and disorder on magnetodielectric properties of double properties A2BB'O6 SR/FTP/PS-164/2011 21.05.2013          220000.00  
11 Prof. S K Mohapatra DRDO CFD Modelling of 76mm Naval Gun Projectile Motion in Aid of Range enhancement GCF/PV/ODC/155/1282/DIGI/RFI/12 21.07.2012          800000.00 Eight Lakhs
12 Dr. D Sahoo ICSSR Solid Waste Management in Indian Cities: Case study of Bhubaneswar  city 02/192/2011/RP 28.08.2011    
13 Dr. Niharika
BRNS Synthesis and study of thermoelectric properties of Half - Heusler Alloys with non - trivial topological order No.2012/20/37P/04/BRNS/1072 11.07.2012    
14 Dr. Srikant patra CSIR Development of transition metal functionalized gold nanoparticles and their potential applications 01/2692/12/EMR-II 03.10.2012          240253.00 Two Lakhs Forty Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Three
15 Dr. Abhijit Datta Banik DST Development of Computational methods for stochastic models with markovian arrival / service process and their applications SR/FTP/MS-003/2012 04.07.2012          350000.00 Three Lakhs Fifty Thousand
16 Dr. Arun Ghosh DST Decoupled LTI and periodic compensation of Quadruple - Tank process: Experimental studies. SR/FTP/ETA-115/2011 11.12.2012    
17 Dr. Deblina Ghosh DST Enhancement of Bandwidth of planar Antennas using Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures  SR/FTP/ETA-02/2012 11.12.2012    
18 Dr. Puspendu Bhunia DST Treatment of Textile Wastewater via Ultrasonication and Biological Anaerobio - Aerobio Treatment Route SR/FTP/ETA-45/2011 11.12.2012          500000.00 Five Lakhs
19 Dr. R R Dash DST Fate of Microbial pathogens in existing wastewater Treatment Systems : Sand Filtration as a Polishing option for treated Effluent SR/FTP/ETA-05/2012 21.12.2012    
20 Dr. C N Bhende DST Control of Stand - Alone hybrid "Solar - Diesel Generator - Battery" power supply system SR/FTP/ETA-09/2012 20.12.2012    
21 Dr. Arun Ku Pradhan DST Improved crack and Delamination growth resistance technology development for isotropic and FRP composite structural componenents SR/FTP/ETA-30/2012 21.12.2012    
22 Dr. Mihir Ku Pandit DST Impact Response and Damage Analysis of Advanced Composite sandwich Structures SR/FTP/ETA-58/2012 21.12.2012    
23 Dr. Sumanta Haldar DST Investigation of cyclic behaviour of offshore wind turbine monopile foundation considering the effect of climate change SR/FTP/ETA-08/2012 20.12.2012          250000.00 Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand
24 Dr. Animesh Mandal DST Novel Hypereute Al-si-mg alloys for automative applications SR/FTP/ETA-62/2012 21.12.2012    
25 Dr. Prasenjit Rath
Dr. Mihir Ku Das
DST Temperature control of electronic components using phase change material (PCM) based heat sinks. SR/S3/MERC/0012/2012 12.02.2013          850000.00 Eight Lakhs Fifty Thousand
26 Dr. Arun Ku Pradhan
Dr. Animesh Mandal
Dr. M K Pandit
DA&FP Re-Engineering of walking type reaper binder No 2 M (03) 33/2012(RKVY) 14.05.2013    
27 Dr. Snehasis Chowdhuri DST Influence of osmolytes on the structure dynamics and hydrogen bond properties of water in aquous solution and other aqueous binary mixtures at different thermodynamic conditions SB/S1/PC-28/2012 22.05.2013          450000.00 Four Lakhs Fifty Thousand
28 Prof. U C Mohanty DAC Development and application of extended range forecast system for climate risk management in Agriculture phase – II F No.1-4/2013-CFCC-ES 01.07.2013      6510000.00 Sixty Five Lakhs Ten Thousand
29 Prof. U C Mohanty INCOIS High Resolution regional coupled ocean-atmosphere modelling system for the prediction of intense vortices over the Indian Seas INCOIS-F&A:XII:07 26.07.2013      2556555.00 Twenty Five Lakhs Fifty Six Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty Five
30 Dr. Sujata Pattanayak DST Advanced in mesoscale assimilation system with non-conventional observations for improved simulation of land falling tropical cyclones and associated storm surges over Bay of Bengal SR/FTP/ES-140/2012 20.06.2013      1000000.00 Ten Lakhs
31 Dr. S H Farooq DST Lateral Variability in the distribution of arsenic in agriculture fields and its mass balancing - A study from west bengal SR/FTP/ES-43/2011 02.03.2012    
32 Dr. Dinakar Pasla DST Investigation on the field and laboratory corrosion behaviour of steel in structural concretes SR/S3/MERC/0019/2012 05.09.2013    
33 Dr. Arindam Sarkar DST Flow field around group of submerged structures and its application to sediment transport SR/S3/MERC/0029/2012 20.09.2013          800000.00 Eight Lakhs
34 Prof. R K Panda ITRA Improving groundwater levels and quality through enhanced water use efficiency in eastern Indian Agriculture ITRA/15(67)/Water/IGLQ/01 20.09.2013      8579000.00 Eighty Five Lakhs Seventy Nine Thousand
35 Dr. S pal DBT Design Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel Ftsz inhibitors a potential anti tubercular agents BT/PR5430/MED/29/566/2012 01.08.2013    
36 Dr. B Hanumantha Rao CSIR Establishment of swelling and cracking characteristics of expansive soils frm suction measurements No.23(0025)/12/EMR-II 12.03.2013    
37 Dr. Shyamal Chatterjee DST Ion bombardment on nano-structured metal oxides: study of structural physicaloptical and electronic properties SR/FTP/PS-183/2011 12.02.2014          250000.00 Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand
38 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout DST Heterojunction white light emitting diodes based on metal oxides and their graphene oxide based hybdrids. SB/FTP/PS-065/2013 24.02.2014          250000.00 Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand
39 Dr. Tarakanta Nayak DST Ommited values in complex dynamics SR/FTP/MS-019/2011 13.02.2014          350000.00 Three Lakhs Fifty Thousand
40 Dr. V. Vinoj ISRO Investigations of Aerosol Outflow from Indo Gangetic Plain SPL:GBP:ARFI:43 25.02.2014      1000000.00 Ten Lakhs
41 Prof. U C Mohanty IUSSTF Advanced modeling of tropical land-atmosphere-ocean system for simulation of extreme weather events IUSSTF/JC/12-2012/2013-14 02.05.2014    
42 Dr. Rajan Jha RCI (DRDO) Study on the development of ultra-sensitive optical fiber accelerometer based on Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) written Trapered Thin-Core Fiber RCI/DCMM/LPD/CARS-0326 11.02.2014          468956.00 Four Lakh Sixty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Six
43 Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik ISRO Understanding and characterisation of systematic erros in the WRF-ARW boundary layer parameterization over the Bhubaneswar and its neighbourhood regions ISRO/RES/2/392/2014-15 26.05.2014          594000.00 Five Lakhs Ninety Four Thousand
44 Dr. B Hanumantha Rao NALCO Synthesis Characterisation and development of red mud-fly ash based geopolymer concrete NBC/R&D/3415/2014 12.03.2014          793362.00 Seven lakhs Ninety Three Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty Two
45 Dr. Soobhankar Pati DST Green Production of Hydrogen Storage Material  from Natural Grade Iimenite SB/FTP/ETA-0263/2013 05.06.2014    
46 Dr. B Hanumantha Rao DST Investigations on Strength and Volume Change Properties of Red Mud for its Effective Utilization in Geotechnical Applications SB/FTP/ETA-297/2013 04.06.2014    
47 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout UGC-UKIERI Chemical and Biosensors basedon two dimensional layered structures and their grapheme based hybrids 184-13/2014(IC) 18.06.2014          500000.00 Five Lakhs
48 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout DST
Flexible and free-standing vanadium sulfides/ nanocarbon(graphene reduced graphene oxide nanotubes) paer for high performance supercapacitor electrodes INT/Brazil/P-12/2013 19.06.2014    
49 Dr. Debadatta Swain INCOIS Does Tropical cyclone Heat Potential (TCHP) play a significant role in intensification of tropical cyclones? A comprehensive analysis for the North Indian Ocean INCOIS:F&A:DSPDM:A3:XII:002:2014 25.08.2014          818869.00 Eight Lakhs Eighteen Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Nine
50 Dr. T V S Sekhar DST Development of Higher Order Compact Scheme to capture Taylor column phenomena in rotating fluids  SR/S4/MS:726/11 13.08.2014    
51 Dr. P K Sahu DeitY Speech Based Access of Agricultural Commodity Prices and Weather Information in 12 Indian Languages / Dialects 11(18)/2012-HCC(TDIL) 07.08.2014      1400000.00 Forteen Lakhs
52 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout BRNS Two dimensional NiCO2O4-graphene composites for high performance supercapacitor electrodes 37(3)/14/48/2014-BRNS/1502 10.09.2014          368500.00 Three Lakhs Sixty Eight Thousand Five Hundred
53 Dr. Animesh Mandal UGC-DAE Optimization HIP process conditions for 9Cr and 18Cr ODS steel powder CSR/Acctts/2014-15/668 26.09.2014            31200.00 Thirty One Thousand Two Hundred
54 Prof. Saroj Nayak MHRD Center of Excellence for Novel Energy Materials (CENEMA) 5-5/2014-TS.VII 31.03.2015  15400000 One Crore Fifty Four Lakhs
55 Dr. N C Sahoo DST Integration and intelligent management of renewable via ICT for smart Micro-Grid networks DST/TM/SER/2K12/83(G) 31.10.2014    
56 Dr. Yogesh Bhumkar AR&DB Design of Optimized Natural Laminar Flow Aerofoil for Transport Aircraft ARDB/01/1031730/M/I 07.10.2014    
57 Dr. Raj Kumar Singh NCAOR Millennial to centennial scale variability in the Asian summer monsoon: Foraminiferal perspective from the East China Sea NCAOR 22.12.2014    
58 Dr. C N Bhende DST
Indo-Finish Joint
Photovoltaic (PV) based grid-interactive and off-grid electricity system INT/Fin/P-13 30.01.2015    
59 Prof. U C Mohanty IITM Improved under-standing and representation of land surface processes for short medium and long range prediction of monsoon rainfall MM/SERP/Purdue/2014/SSC-04/002 05.03.2015    
60 Dr. S N Panigrahi MHRD National Initiative for Design Innovation 17-11/2014-PN.I 12.06.2014      7650000.00 Seventy Six Lakhs Fifty Thousand
61 Dr. N C Sahoo Planning & Coordination Dept. Solar Powered DC System for Domestic Electrification and Rural Application 4463/Innov-5/2014(Pt)/P 13.04.2015      1895500.00 Eighteen Lakhs Ninety Five Thousand Five Hundred 
62 Dr. Sourav Sil INCOIS Multiscale analysis of circulation and variability in the North-Western Bay of  Bengal using HF radar oservations INCOIS:F&A:DSPDM:XII:03 14.05.2015      1647800.00 Sixteen Lakhs Forty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred
63 Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik IITM Monsoon dynamics and thermodynamics from the land surface through convection to the continental-scale (INCOMPASS) MM/NERC-MoES-03/2014/002 16.03.2015      2628000.00 Twenty Six Lakhs Twenty Eight Thousand
64 Dr. Debadatta Swain DST-UKIERI Quantifying the impact of urbanisation and climate change on the microclimate of Bhubaneswar DST/INT/UK/P-100/2014 16.04.2015          849200.00 Eight Lakhs Forty Nine Thousand Two Hundred
65 Dr. S R Samantaray DST Development of a comprehensive wide-area based back up protection scheme for power transmission network SB/S3/EECE/060/2015 06.05.2015      3786000.00 Thirty Seven Lakhs Eighty Six Thousand
66 Dr. Sourav Sil DST Simulation of coastall circulation on North-West Bay of Bengal SB/S4/AS-155/2014 05.06.2015      1829000.00 Eighteen Lakhs Twenty Nine Thousand
67 Dr. Yogesh Bhumkar DST Development and Analysis of the space-time optimized dispersion relation preserving (DRP) scheme suitable for high performance computing of fluid flows SB/FTP/ETA-0112/2014 08.07.2015          640000.00 Six Lakhs Forty Thousand
68 Prof. S Tripathy Ministry of Earth Sciences Establishment of Coastal Ocean Observatory at the Innovation Centre for Climate Change (IC3) and Capacity Building of School of Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences MoES/36/00IS/Extra/31/2013 03.07.2015    72400000.00 Seven Crores Twenty Four Lakhs
69 Dr. N V L Murty DeitY Special Manpower Development Program for Chips to System Design (SMDP-C2SD) 9(1)/2014-MDD 15.12.2014      1043000.00 Ten Lakhs Forty Three Thousand
70 Dr. Amritendu Roy DST Designing of Novel Multiferroic Transition Metal Oxides for Memory and Energy Applications YSS/2014/000287 17.08.2015      2234076.00 Twenty Two Lakhs Thirty Four Thousand Seventy Six 
71 Dr.Mihir Kumar Das DST Pool Boiling Crisis on Porous Coated Surface: An Experimental Study and Model Development  INT/RUS/RFBR/P-211 26.08.2015      1378520.00 Thirteen Lakhs Seventy Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty
72 Dr. Tabrez Khan DST Development of a general synthetic approach directed towards the total synthesis of bioactive iridoid class of terpenoids EMR/2014/000826 08.09.2016      1453999.00 Forteen Lakhs Fifty Three Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine
73 Dr. Debadatta Swain ISRO Seasonal and inter-annual variability of Relative Heat Content (RHC) in the Indian Ocean B.19012/96/2015-II 01.10.2015      1160000.00 Eleven Lakhs Sixty Thousand
74 Dr. T V S Sekhar DST Development of Higher Order Compact Scheme to capture Taylor column phenomena in rotating fluids  SB/S4/MS:726/11 14.10.2015          640000.00 Six Lakhs Forty Thousand
75 Dr U C Sahoo NRRDA Performance Evaluation of Pavements with Stabilized Bases/Subbases for Rural Roads DO#P-10018/1/2012/P-III/4456 03.10.2015      2352000.00 Twenty Three Thousand Fifty Two Thousand
76 Dr. Akhilesh Ku Singh UGC-DAE Magnetic properties of self-assembled bivalent trivalent and mixed-valent [2x2] transition metal grids CSR-KN/CRS-78/2015-16/803 13.11.2015    
77 Dr. Barathram Ramkumar DST Design and implementation of MIMO based transceiver for emergency applications YSS/2014/000025 21.12.2015      1554333.00 Fifteen Lakhs Fifty Four Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Three
78 Dr. Kaushik Das DST Study of piezoelectric nanomaterial reinforced polymer nanocomposite films for applications in MEMS YSS/2014/000830 21.12.2015      1866000.00 Eighteen Lakhs Sixty Six Thousand
79 Dr. Debi Prosad Dogra DST Computer vision guided mass gathering surveillance using crowd flow analysis YSS/2014/000046 01.01.2016      1091000.00 Ten Lakhs Ninety One Thousand
80 Prof. R K Panda Planning & Coordination Dept. Establishment of Innovation-cum-Incubation Centre at IIT Bhubaneswar 13058/EVA(Inno)-13/2015/P 12.11.2015      4250000.00 Forty Two lakhs Fifty Thousand
81 Dr. Srikant Patra DST Design and Development of heterodimetallic complex of ruthenium iridium and palladium and their chemical and biological aspects EMR/2015/002219 02.03.2016      2338900.00 Twenty Three Lakhs Thirty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred
82 Dr. N V L Murty DEITY Visvesvaraya Ph scheme for Electronics and IT PhD-MLA/4(88)/2015-16 25.06.2016          325000.00 Three Lakhs Twenty Five Thousand
83 Prof. Saroj Nayak MHRD Center of Excellence for Novel Energy Materials (CENEMA) 5-5/2014-TS.VII 31.03.2015    15000000.00  One Crore Fifty Lakhs