Personal Profile of Dr. Satyanarayan Panigrahi

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Dr. Satyanarayan Panigrahi
Title : Associate Professor
School : Mechanical Sciences
Office (Room No.) : 306
Phone No. (Office) : +91 674 713 7138
Email : psatyan@iitbbs.ac.in
Research Scholars : none
Courses Taught
Engineering Mechanics,
Kinematics of Machines,
Finite Element Methods in Engineering,
Systems and Controls,
Dynamics and Controls of Mechanical Systems,
Mechanical Systems Simulations Laboratory - I
Mechanical Systems Simulations Laboratory - II
Machine and Mechanism Laboratory
Research Interests
Technical Acoustics, Industrial Noise Control, Automotive noise control, Acoustic based Condition Monitoring of Machines, Musical Acoustics.
Degree Discipline Year School
Ph.D. Mechanical (Technical Acoustics) 2007 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Recent Publication (International Journals) Author(s)/Speaker(s)
"Backpressure considerations in designing cross-flow perforated-element reactive silencers". Noise Control Engineering Journal, 55(6), Nov-Dec, 2007.
S. N. Panigrahi and M. L. Munjal
"Combination Mufflers - Theory and Parametric Study", Noise Control Engineering Journal, 53(6), 277-285, 2005.
S. N. Panigrahi and M. L. Munjal
"Plane Wave Propagation in Generalised Multiply Connected Acoustic Filters", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 118(5), 2860-2868,2005.
S. N. Panigrahi and M. L. Munjal
"Comparison of Various Methods for Analysing Lined Circular Ducts", Journal of Sound and Vibrations, 285,905-923,200S.
S. N. Panigrahi and M. L. Munjal