Photo of Debalina Ghosh
Assistant Professor
School of Electrical Sciences
Office : SES-120
Phone : 674-713-5714
Email :
 Degree Discipline Year School
 Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 2007 Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA
 MS Electrical Engineering 2005 Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA
 BE Electrical Engineering 2002 Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Research Interests

  • Remote sensing
    • Microwave and Optical Sensors for Healthcare
    • Optical sensor Structural Health Monitoring
  • RF and Microwave Engineering
    • Antenna and Antenna Arrays
    • Microwave Absorvers and Polarisers
    • Computational Methods
    • Radio frequency identification (RFID) system
  • Communication Systems
    • Wireless Communication (Front-end Design, MIMO Systems, THz Communications)
    • Green Communication (Cognitive Communication, Energy Harvesting)
  • Computational Techniques (Traditional and Evolutionary Nature-Inspired Methods)
  • Radar Systems
    • Vehicular MM-wave Radar
    • Ground Penetrating Radar
    • Through-wall Imaging Radar

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Theory Courses
  1. Electromagnetic Field Theory (EE3L011)
  2. Electromagnetic waves and Radiating Systems (EC3L005)
  3. Control Systems (EE3L003)
  4. Advanced Communication Engineering (EC6L001)
  5. Antenna Theory (EC6L013)
  6. Modern Radar Systems (EC6L022)
  7. Computational Electromagnetics (EC6L016)
  8. Measurement and Electronic Instruments (EE3L002)
  9. Electrical Technology (EE1L001)
  10. Satellite Communication Engineering (EC3L008)
Practical (Laboratory) Courses
  1. Digital Electronics Circuit lab (EC2P004)
  2. Electrical Technology (EE1P001)
  3. Introduction to Electronics (EC2P001)
  4. Analog Electronics Circuits Laboratory (EC2P003)
  5. Communication Engineering Laboratory (EC3P001)
  6. Measurement and Electronic Instruments Laboratory (EE3P001)
  7. Advanced Communication and Radiating System Laboratory (EC6P001)