Dr. Syed Hilal FarooqAssistant Professor, HoS
School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences

Research Interests

Contamination Studies; Coastal Water; Geothermal Energy; Environmental Impact Assessment

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  • 307, SBS Building, Argul Campus
  • 674-713-5522
  • hilalfarooq@iitbbs.ac.in

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 Degree Discipline Year School
 Ph.D. Earth Sciences 2010 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay




Geothermal Energy, Environmental Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Analytical & Measurements Techniques, Coal and Petroleum Geology, Earth and Its Interior


Author(s) Recent Publication (International Journals)
Debnath S, Farooq S. H.*
1 Hydrogeochemistry of Garampani and Gelekipung thermal clusters of Dhansiri river basin, Assam, India. Environmental Earth Sciences. Vol. 81. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12665-022-10173 (2022)
Barik S. S., Singh R. K., Tripathy S., Farooq S. H., Prusty P.
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Zimik H. V., Farooq S. H., Prusty P.
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Mishra A.K., Khadanga M. K., Patro S., Apte D., Farooq S. H.
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Prusty P. and Farooq S. H.*
12 Application of Water Quality Index and Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Assessing Coastal Water Quality. Environmental Processes. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40710-020-00453-4 (2020)
Farooq, S.H., Dhanachandra, W., Chandrasekaharam, D., and Ram, K.
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Ramiz M. M., Modal M. E. A., Farooq S. H.
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Recent Publication (International Conferences) Author(s)/Speaker(s)
Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Seasonal Variability of Trace Elements in Coastal Groundwater of Puri District, India. Goldschmidt 2018, August 12-17, Boston USA. (DOI: https://goldschmidt.info/2018/abstracts/abstractView?id=2018001855)
Pintu P., Farooq S.H., Zimik H. V.
Evaluation of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Thermal Spring Water of Odisha, India. Goldschmidt 2018, August 12-17, Boston USA. (DOI: https://goldschmidt.info/2018/abstracts/abstractView?id=2018001842)
Horthing HV, Farooq S.H., Pintu P.
Suitability of Geothermal Spring Water for Estimation of Reservoir Temperature from Odisha, India. GSA Annual Meeting-2017, Washington, USA. (2017).
Zimik H. V., Farooq S. H., Prusty P.
Geomorphic Control on Occurrence of Fresh Groundwater in a Saltwater Intruded Coastal Aquifer. GSA Annual Meeting-2017 Washington, USA. (2017)
Prusty P, Farooq S. H., and Zimik, H. V.
Reservoir Temperature Estimation of Geothermal Springs of Odisha, India. Goldschmidt Conference-2017, 13-18 August 2017, Paris, France. pp. 296. (2017)
Zimik H. V, Farooq S. H. and Prusty P
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Farooq, S.H., and Chandrasekharam D.

Academic Honors & Awards

  • United Nations University Fellowship
  • DAAD Fellowship under Re-invitation Programme
  • DAAD Ph.D. Fellowship under Sandwich Program
  • Participated in the International Continental Drilling Program (ICDP) and awarded a fellowship by US-NSF
  • Grants by American Geophysical Union (A.G.U.) on competitive basis
  • Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) from CSIR, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India
  • Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET) – JRF, conducted by University Grants Commission (UGC), Govt. of India

Research Scholar

Ph.D. Scholar
Mr. H. Zimik (Awarded in  2020)
Mr. P. Pusty (Awarded in 2021)
Ms. M. Das (Awarded in 2021, Co-supervised)
Mr. Samshaad Khan (Awarded in 2021, External, Co-Supervisor)
Mr. Sandip Kr. Mohakud (Joined in 2019 ...)
Mr. Bhibabasu Pradhan ((Joined in 2021 ......)
Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. Amrit Kumar Mishra (Joined as NPDF in 2021)


  • Middle Pleistocene to Holocene dynamics of Antarctic Circumpolar Current and its implications to global climate: Evidence from Southern Pacific. by SERB (Co-PI with Dr. R. K. Singh)
  • "Sea water intrusion into coastal aquifers of Odisha"  by MoES.
  • International Collobrative Project entitled "Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Groundwater-dependent Irrigation System in Asia-Pacific Region" by Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research.
  • Young Scientist Project from Department of Science and Technology on "Lateral variability in the distribution of arsenic in agriculture fields and its mass balancing - a study from West Bengal" (2011).

Selected Workshops

  • “Advance Training on Analysis of Elements by Inductively Coupled Plasma- Optical Emission Spectrometry” conducted by Agilent Centre of Excellence, Gurgaon. July 2017.  
  • Workshop on "Oceanic Processes along the Coasts of India" at National Institute of Oceanography(NIO) Goa, March 2015. 
  • Workshop on " Issues and Challenges of Geotermal Energy" at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar, Gujrat, July 2013.
  • "Indo-Australian workshop on Arsenic" at School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, October 2012.
  • Workshop on "Recovering uncompromised samples of aquifer sands with in-situ groundwater from up to 300-m depth in South and South Asia" organized by International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), Hanoi, Vietnam. April 2011.
  • Workshop on "Use of Synchrotron X-ray and IR methods in the Geosciences" at ANKA, Forschungszentrum (A Humboldt Research Center), Karlsruhe, Germany, Nov. 2007.
  • "Triple B Workshop (Berlin, Beijing, Buenos Aires) on Urban Atmospheric Pollution in Mega Cities" at Institute of Mineralogy and Geochemistry, University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany, Oct. 2007.
  • Workshop on "Planetary Atmosphere, Ionosphere and Magnetosphere" conducted by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Tiruanantpuram, India, February 2003.

Professional Memberships

  • International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), Oxfordshire, UK.
  • German Alumni Water Network (GAWN), Universität Siegen, Germany.
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG), USA.

M.Sc. Dissertations Supervised

2013-2015 Batch

1.         Ms. Steffinie Sawian

2.         Mr. Pintu Prusty

3.         Ms. Indhulekha K.


2014-2016 Batch

4.         Mr. Samir Debnath

5.         Ms. Urmi Ghosh

6.         Mr. Subhash Singh Chandel

7.         Ms. Sibani Priyadarsani Malik

8.         Mr. Deep Konar

9.         Mr. Prabhas Kumar Mohanty


2015-2017 Batch

10.       Mr. Pintu Layek

11.       Mr. Ashish Tiwari

12.       Mr. Apurba Nayan Das

13.       Mr. Sourav Dutta

14.       Mr. Subhajit Sen

15.       Mr. Shashikant Singh


2016-2018 Batch

16.       Mr. Rajesh Rath

17.       Mr. Abdul Rajik Khan

18.       Mr. Sandip Kumar Mohakud

19.       Mr. Suraj Vichhi

20.       Mr. Manoj Kumar Routray


2017-2019 Batch

21.       Mr. Sujay Nandi

22.       Mr. Subhajit Pothal


2018-2020 Batch

23.       Mr. Asim Ranjan Mondal

24.       Mr. Ashutosh Sahoo


2019 -2021 Batch

25.       Mr. Rakesh Dash

26.       Mr. Debashish Sahu

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