Dr. Mohammad Masiur RahamanAssistant Professor
School of Infrastructure

Research Interests

Bio-inspired Composites; Topology Optimization for Architected Materials Design; Phase Field Model; Peridynamics; Microinertia Based Flow Rule for Yield Surface Free Viscoplasticity and Damage Model; Finite Element and Mesh Free Simulations

Contact Details

  • SIF 128
  • masiurr@iitbbs.ac.in

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 Degree Discipline Year School
 PhD IISc Mathematics Initiative 2018 Indian Institute of Science
 ME Structural Engineering 2013 Indian Institute of Science
 BE Civil Engineering 2010 Jadavpur University




Programming Language Julia (Special lectures during winter vacation),
Finite Element Methods in Engineering (ME6L011) (Spring Semester), Theory of Plates and Shells (CE6L305) (Autumn Semester), Structural Design and Detailing (CE3P005) (Spring Semester), Engineering Drawing and Graphics (CE1P001) (Spring and Autumn Semester), Seminar II (CE6S002) (Spring Semester),


Recent Publications (International Journals)

1P Ved, B Akash Kumar, MM Rahaman, "A phase-field model for thermo-mechanical fracture" Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids (2022)
2Mohammad Masiur Rahaman. "An open-source implementation of a phase-field model for brittle fracture using Gridap in Julia." Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids (2022):1-24
3Agrawal, Anjali, Ved Prakash, and Mohammad Masiur Rahaman. "A diffused material interface based homogenization method for periodic composites." Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures (2021): 1-14.
4Pathrikar, Anil, Md Masiur Rahaman, and Debasish Roy. "A gauge theory for brittle damage in solids and a peridynamics implementation." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 385 (2021): 114036.
5Rahaman, Mohammad Masiur, Wenqiang Fang, Alice Lux Fawzi, Yang Wan, and Haneesh Kesari. "An accelerometer-only algorithm for determining the acceleration field of a rigid body, with application in studying the mechanics of mild Traumatic Brain Injury." Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2020): 104014.
6Pathrikar, Anil, Md Masiur Rahaman, and D. Roy. "A thermodynamically consistent peridynamics model for visco-plasticity and damage." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 348 (2019): 29-63.
7Rahaman, Md Masiur, Bensingh Dhas, D. Roy, and J. N. Reddy. "Variational formulation for dissipative continua and an incremental J-integral." Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 474, no. 2209 (2018): 20170674.
8Dhas, Bensingh, Masiur Rahaman, Kiran Akella, Debasish Roy, and J. N. Reddy. "A phase-field damage model for orthotropic materials and delamination in composites." Journal of Applied Mechanics 85, no. 1 (2018).
9Rahaman, Md Masiur, Abhishek Pathak, and Debasish Roy. "A thermo-visco-plastic damage model and SPH simulations of plugging failure." Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 25, no. 15-16 (2018): 1374-1382.
10Rahaman, Md Masiur, Pranesh Roy, Debasish Roy, and J. N. Reddy. "A peridynamic model for plasticity: micro-inertia based flow rule, entropy equivalence and localization residuals." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 327 (2017): 369-391.
11Rahaman, Md Masiur, Bensingh Dhas, D. Roy, and J. N. Reddy. "A dynamic flow rule for viscoplasticity in polycrystalline solids under high strain rates." International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 95 (2017): 10-18.
12Rahaman, Md Masiur, S. P. Deepu, D. Roy, and J. N. Reddy. "A micropolar cohesive damage model for delamination of composites." Composite Structures 131 (2015): 425-432.
13Chowdhury, Shubhankar Roy, Md Masiur Rahaman, Debasish Roy, and Narayan Sundaram. "A micropolar peridynamic theory in linear elasticity." International Journal of Solids and Structures 59 (2015): 171-182.

Academic Honors & Awards

  • Institute medal for the best PhD thesis in IISc Mathematics Initiative

Research Scholar

Mr. Anurag Singh (PhD Student),
Mr. Akash Kumar Behera (PhD Student),                                                    
Mr. Ved Prakash (M.Tech. Completed ),
Mr. Shubham Pravin Somani (M.Tech. Completed )
Mr. Ayyappan U (M.Tech. Ongoing)

Professional Experience

1. Post-doctoral Research Associate, Brown University, USA (June 2018 - September 2019)
2. Research Associate, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (January 2018 - May 2018)
3. Operation Officer, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (August 2010 - June 2011)

Research Projects

1. A thermodynamically consistent model for designing high-performance ceramic laminates with tailored residual stresses (SRG/2021/000254 -- 15.3654 lakhs) (2022 - 2024)
2. Modeling of topologically interlocked high-performance composites (SP 107 -- 2 lakhs) (2021-2023)

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