Dr. Remya NeelancherryAssociate Professor
School of Infrastructure

Research Interests

  • Biofuel production through Microwave co-pyrolsis
  • Advanced oxidation process for water and wastewater treatment
  • Microalgae for wastewater treatment and biofuel production
  • Microwave for solid waste management
  • Development of novel catalyst and its characterization of  catalyst for bio-refractory pollutant removal
  • Agricultural and Industrial wastewater treatment

Brief Resume

Contact Details

  • 06747136630
  • remya@iitbbs.ac.in

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 Degree Discipline Year School
 Ph.D. Environmental Engineering 2010 National Chiao Tung University Taiwan
 M Tech Civil (Environmental) Engineering 2006 Indian Institute of Technology Madras (DAAD scholar - RWTH Aachen Germany)




Environmental Nanotechnology & Applications; Geo-environmental management; Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology; Bioremediation Technology; Environmental Pollution Control Engineering; Environmental Engineering I (Water supply engineering); Environmental Engineering (Water and Wastewater Engineering); Environmental studies; Environmental Studies in Civil Engineering; Environmental Engineering Laboratory; Civil Engineering Workshop; Surveying; Engineering Drawing & Graphics


Recent Publications (International Journals)

1Shardul R Narde, Neelancherry Remya*(2021)Biochar production from agricultural biomass through microwave-assisted pyrolysis: predictive modelling and experimental validation of biochar yield, Environment, Development and Sustainability, 10.1007/s10668-021-01898-9.
2Insha Wani, Shradul R Narde, Xilong Huang, Neelancherry Remya, Vinod Kushvaha, Ankit Garg (2021)Reviewing role of biochar in controlling soil erosion and considering future aspect of production using microwave pyrolysis process for the same, Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 10.1007/s13399-021-02060-1
3Neha Shukla, Neelancherry Remya* (2021) Optimization of Bio-oil production from Microwave Co-pyrolysis of Food Waste and Low-Density Polyethylene with Response Surface Methodology, Journal of Environmental Management (297). 10.1016/j.jenvman.2021.113345
4Mohit Aggarwal, Neelancherry Remya* (2021) “Application of Native Mix Algal Strain for Gray Water Treatment and Biofuel Production: Preliminary Study”, ASCE Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, 25(2): 04020070, https://doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE).
5Mohit Aggarwal, Neelancherry Remya* (2021) “The State-of-the-Art Production of Biofuel from Microalgae with Simultaneous Wastewater Treatment: Influence of Process Variables on Biofuel Yield and Production Cost, Bioenergy Research (Acceted). 10.1007/s12155-021-10277-1
6Venkatesan Prashanth, Neelancherry Remya* (2021) “Synthesis of TiO2 using Calotropis Gigantea for Visible light Excitation and Degradation of Congo red Dye” ASCE Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste 25(4). 10.1061/(ASCE)HZ.2153-5515.0000632
7Bareen Bushra, Neelancherry Remya* (2020) “Biochar from pyrolysis of rice husk biomass—characteristics, modification and environmental application” Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, https://doi.org/10.1007/s13399-020-01092-3
8Kumari Priyanka, Neelancherry Remya*, Manaswini Behera (2020) “Greywater treatment using modified solar photocatalyst - degradation, kinetics, pathway and toxicity analysis” Separation and Purification Technology 251(15):117319
9Pyla Jayasree, Neelancherry Remya* (2020) “Photocatalytic degradation of paracetamol using aluminosilicate supported TiO2” Water Science and Technology, https://doi.org/10.2166/wst.2020.484
10Diptiprakash Sahoo, Neelancherry Remya (2020) Influence of operating parameters on the microwave pyrolysis of rice husk: biochar yield, energy yield, and property of biochar, Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, https://doi.org/10.1007/s13399-020-00914-8.
11Namitha Nambiar, Neelancherry Remya*, George K Varghese, (2020) “Effective reuse of waste material as an amendment in composite landfill liner – Assessment of geotechnical properties and pollutant retention capacity”, Waste Management & Research, 38(2) 134–141.
12Ankit Singh, Neelancherry Remya* (2020) “Estimation of fate of sulfamethoxazole in soil by adsorption test and diffusion cell test – a comparative analysis” International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, 25(4):441.
13Anil Swain, Neha Shukla, Neelancherry Remya (2020) Treatment of Wastewater from Beverage/Soft Drink Industry by Microwave Photolytic Process, Recent Developments in Waste Management. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 57. Springer, Singapore.
14Kumari Priyanka, Manaswini, Remya Neelancherry (2020) Graywater Treatment in Sequencing Batch Reactor Using Simultaneous Nitrification, Denitrification, and Phosphorus Removal, with Kinetic Studies of Phosphate Adsorption onto Corncob, Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste 24 (3): 04020017.
15Neha Shukla, Diptiprakash Sahoo, Neelancherry Remya* (2019) “Biochar from microwave pyrolysis of rice husk for tertiary wastewater treatment and soil nourishment” Journal of Cleaner Production 235, 1073-1079
16Neha Shukla, Neelancherry Remya* (2019) “Microwave photo-oxidation with diverse oxidants for Congo red degradation: Effect of oxidants, degradation pathway and economic analysis” Environmental Technology, DOI: 10.1080/09593330.2019.1670737.
17Kumari Priyanka, Neelancherry Remya*, Manaswini Behera (2019) “Comparison of titanium dioxide based catalysts preparation methods in the mineralization and nutrients removal from greywater by solar photocatalysis” Journal of Cleaner Production, 235, 1-10
18Remya Neelancherry*, Anil Swain (2019) “Soft drink industry wastewater treatment in microwave photocatalytic system – Exploration of removal efficiency and degradation mechanism” Separation and Purification Technology, 210, 600-607
19Ayshwarya Sudhakar, Neelancherry Remya, George K Varghese (2017) “Estimation of effect of sugarcane bagasse biochar amendment in landfill soil cover on geotechnical properties and landfill gas emission”, Environmental Quality Management 27, 33–39.
20Neelancherry Remya, Jih-Gaw Lin (2017) “Application of Central Composite Design and Response Surface Methodology for Carbofuran Degradation in Microwave-Granular activated carbon System”, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 5(5), 4751-4758.
21M A Vishnuganth, Neelancherry Remya, Mathava Kumar, N. Selvaraju (2017) Carbofuran removal in continuous-photocatalytic reactor: Reactor optimization, rate- constant determination and carbofuran degradation pathway analysis, Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part-B, 1-8, 52(5), 353-360
22Vishnuganth M.A, Remya Neelancherry, Kumar M, Selvaraju N (2016) “Photocatalytic degradation of carbofuran by TiO2-coated activated carbon: Model for kinetic, electrical energy per order and economic analysis”, Journal of Environmental Management 181, 201-207.
23Neelancherry Remya, Jih-Gaw Lin (2015) “Microwave-Granular Activated Carbon (MW-GAC) system for carbofuran degradation – Analysis of characteristics and recyclability of the spent GAC”, Desalination and water treatment 53, 1621-1631.
24M A Vishnuganth, S Rangabhashiyam, Neelancherry Remya, Mathava Kumar, N. Selvaraju (2015)  Optimization of GAC supported TiO2 photocatalytic process for competent carbofuran removal from an aqueous system, Journal of scientific and industrial research, 74, 225-231.
25Raju C Asha, M. A. Vishnuganth, Neelancherry Remya, N. Selvaraju, Mathava kumar, (2015) “Livestock wastewater treatment in batch and continuous photocatalytic systems: performance and economic analyses”, Water, air and soil pollution 5, 226
26Akhinesh K, Jithu G Francis, Junaid K T, Jishnulal K, Jeril Netto Joseph, Remya Neelancherry (2015) “Study of the compressive strength of concrete with various proportions of steel mill scale as fine aggregate”, IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IOSR-JMCE), e-ISSN : 2278-1684, p-ISSN : 2320–334X, 104-109
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28Neelancherry Remya, Jih-Gaw Lin (2011) “Current Status of Microwave Application in Wastewater Treatment - A Review”, Chemical Engineering journal 166, 797–813.
29Neelancherry Remya, Jih-Gaw Lin (2011) “Carbofuran removal by the application of MW-assisted H2O2 process”, Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part-B 46, 350 - 359.
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32Remesan Renji, M. Syamaladevi Roopesh,Nelancherry Remya, P.S Preman (2007). “Performance Analysis of wetland paddy weeders”. India Agricultural Science Abstracts.

Conferences (International)

1Mohit Aggarwal, Neelancherry Remya, Biochar production from native mixed algal strains cultivated in greywater through microwave pyrolysis, 10th Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts Conference, 14-16 June 2021
2Satyajeet Arya, Neelancherry Remya, M.G. Sujana, Photocatalytic treatment of pharmaceutical products in water and wastewater using reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanocomposite: a review, 2nd International Conference on Chemical, Bio & Environmental Engineering 20-22 August, 2021.
3Neha Shukla, Neelancherry Remya, Bio-oil From Food Waste Through Microwave Co-pyrolysis, 3rd International Conference for Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy, Bioproducts & Environmental Sustainability, 17-19 May, 2021
4Kumari Priyanka, Neelancherry Remya, Manaswini Behera, Greywater treatment in continuous-flow solar photocatalytic reactor using graphite supported nitrogen doped TiO2 International Conference on Sustainable Development of Water and Environment (ICSDWE) 2021, Bangkok Thailand.
5Rajput Parth, Tripathi Akash, Neelancherry Remya “Microwave co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic- Effect of microwave susceptors on the yield and property of biochar”, International Conference on Bioprocess for Sustainable Environment and Energy (ICBSEE-India-2020), March 5-7, 2020 NIT Rourkela, Odisha, India.
6Pyla Jayasree, Neelancherry Remya “Photocatalytic degradation of paracetamol using TiO2 supported on waste recovered Aluminosilicate, 3rd International Conference on waste management Recycle 2020, IIT Guwahati on Feb 13-14, 2020.
7Kumari Priyanka, Remya Neelancherry, Manaswini Behera “Solar photocatalysis using N-doped TiO2 for greywater treatment: optimization of operational parameters" presented in the 3rd International Conference on waste management Recycle 2020, IIT Guwahati from 13-14th February 2020.
8Akash Tripathi, Neha Shukla, Neelancherry Remya, “Effect of microwave susceptors on the microwave co-pyrolysis of food waste and plastic”, International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis in the Asian Region (PyroAsia 2019), 11-13th December 2019, IIT Madras, Chennai, India.
9Neha Shukla, Neelancherry Remya, Pedro Simao Freitas Mendes, Joris W. Thybaut, “Effect of pretreatment and feedstock composition on the valorization of food waste and low-density polyethylene by microwave co-pyrolysis”, Chemical Research in Flanders (CRF-2), 14-16 October 2019, Blankenberge, Belgium
10Parth Rajput, Neelancherry Remya“ Biochar from microwave co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic as a potential adsorbent/catalyst support” IBI Biochar World Congress 2019, 10-14 November 2019 in Korea University, Seoul, Korea
11V Prashanth, Neelancherry Remya, Synthesis of TiO2 using Calotropis Gigantea for visible light excitation and degradation of pollutants, 9th International conference on solid waste management (ICONSWM2019), KIIT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India during November 27-30, 2019
12Kumari Priyanka, Manaswini Behera, Neelancherry Remya, Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification coupled with phosphorus removal from greywater using sequencing batch reactor, 9th International conference on solid waste management (ICONSWM2019), KIIT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India during November 27-30, 2019.
13Karunakar Tripathy, Neelancherry Remya “Modification of filter bed to improve nitrate removal efficiency in water treatment – A preliminary study” Smart cities: Opportunities and Challenges, 14-16 March 2019, New Delhi, India.
14Diptiprakash Sahoo, Neha Shukla, Neelancherry Remya “Potential of microwave co-pyrolysis on treatment of food waste and plastic”, Smart cities: Opportunities and Challenges, 14-16 March 2019, New Delhi, India.
15Kumari Priyanka, Manaswini Behera, Remya Neelancherry, Evaluation of performance for the treatment of low strength greywater using sequencing batch reactor, 11th International Conference on the Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE-2018), 4 to 8 November 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.
16Anil Swain, Remya Neelancherry, “Analysis of Photolytic and Photocatalytic Systems for the Microwave Coupled Treatment of Soft Drink Industry Wastewater” 3rd Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference - 13 - 16 May 2018 - Berlin, Germany.
17Anil Swain, Neelancherry Remya “Microwave photolytic treatment of soft drink industry wastewater” Recycle-2018, IIT Guwahati, India, February 22-24, 2018.
18Neelancherry Remya, Ankit Singh, Chitransh Sharma, Gadde Naveena, Kunsoth Haritha and Lakshmi P V “Diffusive leaching behaviour of sulfamethoxazole in selected soils” The 12th International Symposium on Southeast Asian Water Environment (SEAWE2016) Hanoi, Vietnam, November 28-30, 2016.
19Ayshwarya Sudhakar, George.K.Varghese, Remya Neelancherry “Effects of sugarcane bagasse biochar amendment on geotechnical properties of clayey silt- bentonite cover soil and landfill gas emission” 6th International conference on solid waste management (ICONSWM2016), November 23-25, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.
20N Remya, S Mathava Kumar, S Mohan, R Azzam “Influences of organic matter and solute concentration in the nitrate sorption potential of three German soils: comparison of batch and diffusion-cell experiments” Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering, CESE-2010, 26 September -1 October 2010 at the SEBEL, Cairns, Australia.
21Neelancherry Remya, Jih-Gaw Lin. “Carbofuran Degradation in the Microwave-Granular Activated Carbon (MW-GAC) system” IWA International conference 15-19 September 2011, Xi’an, China.
22Neelancherry Remya, Jih-Gaw Lin. “Analysis of microwave-zerovalent iron system for aqueous phase carbofuran removal" International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering, CESE-2011, 25 - 30 September 2011 at Tainan City, Taiwan.
23Neelancherry Remya, Mathava Kumar S, Jih-Gaw Lin. “Performance evaluation of microwave assisted system for degradation of carbofuran" International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM-2014), CWRDM, Calicut India, 19 - 21 February 2014.
24Asha C Raju, B Sarat Chandra, Adarsh Shukla, Varun Kumar Reja, Krishna Anish Adusumilli, Remya Neelancherry, Mathava Kumar “Photocatalytic Treatment of Poultry Wastewater by hectorite- TiO2 aqueous suspensions” International Conference on Chemical and Environmental Research (ICCER-2014), JMC College Trichy, Tamilnadu India, 11-12 March, 2014.
25B Sarat Chandra, Remya Neelancherry, Mathava Kumar “Treatment of highly organic waste water by supported and immobilized TiO2” International conference on waste management for sustainable development (ICWMSD-2014), NSS Palakkad, Kerala.
26Ankit Singh, Remya Neelancherry “Solid Waste Management A case study of ultimate analysis and landfill design for NIT Calicut” International Conference on Materials Mechanics and Management (IMMM 2014), CET Trivandrum, India.

Conferences (National)

1Akhinesh K, Jithu G Francis, Junaid K T, Jishnulal K, Jeril Netto Joseph, Remya Neelancherry "Study of the Compressive Strength of Concrete with various proportions of Steel Mill Scale as Fine Aggregate” National Conference on Innovation in Engineering Science and Technology (NCIEST-2015), Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Academic Honors & Awards

  • Innovation award in the NTPC Green Charcoal Hackathon
  • Women Researcher Award in the International Scientist Awards on Engineering, Science and Medicine
  • Best paper award, International Conference on International Conference on Bioprocess for Sustainable Environment and Energy (ICBSEE-India-2020)
  • Outstanding Woman In Engineering (Major Area of Study - Environmental Engineering), Venus International Women Awards - VIWA 2020
  • IconSWM Excellence Award, 9th International conference on solid waste management (ICONSWM2019),
  • Sponsorship by Ministry of Education, Taiwan to attend “2019 Sustainable Environment and Energy Development (SEED 2019)” International Workshop
  • Certificate for outstanding contribution in Reviewing, Chemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier.
  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Green Technology
  • Top Cited Papers Award for 2011 and 2012 from Chemical Engineering Journal
  • Golden Bamboo Scholarship to pursue doctoral program in Environmental Engineering, National Chiao Tung University with full tuition waiver (2007 - 2010).
  • CIGR award for the best E-journal, CIGR International conference, 30th August – 3rd September 2008, Iguassu Falls City, Brazil.
  • Gold medal and Valli Anantharamakrishnan Merit Prize for the best performance in Civil Engineering Department, IIT Madras, Chennai (2006).
  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program) fellowship to carry out M Tech project in RWTH- Aachen, Germany (2005-2006).
  • MHRD (Govt of India) Scholarship (2004 – 06).
  • Cleared Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2004, All India Rank 65.
  • Biography included for publication in the 30th Edition (2013) of Marquis Who’s Who in the World (VIP No: 36539139).
  • Nominee for the membership in American Chemical Society

Research Scholar

Kumari Priyanka; Neha Shukla; Mohit Aggarwal; Anil Swain

Book Chapter Published


V Prashanth, Pyla Jayasree, Parth Rajput, Neelancherry Remya (2020) “Solar photocatalytic treatment of wastewater", Advance Oxidation Process for Industrial Effluent Treatment, Chapter 4, Advance Oxidation Processes for Effluent Treatment Plants, Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Neelancherry Remya, (2018) “Dye Wastewater Treatment using Carbonaceous Materials by Microwave assisted Methods”, Chapter 5, Water Remediation, Springer, Singapore.

Neelancherry Remya, Jih-Gaw Lin (2013) “Exploration of carbofuran removal mechanism in a microwave-zerovalent iron (MW-ZVI) system”, Chapter 2, Solutions to Environmental Challenges through Innovations in Research, Asiatech Publishers Inc., New Delhi.







Professional Experience

  • 2011 July – 2015 Dec, Adhoc Lecturer, Civil Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala
  • 2016 April – Till date, Assistant Professor, School of Infrastructure, Indian Institute of Technology Bhubanewar, Odisha

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