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Assistant Professor
School of Basic Sciences
Office : 107, SBS Building, IIT Bhubaneswar Jatni Campus
Phone : +91 9439858204, 674-713-5144
Email :,
 Degree Discipline Year School
 Ph.D. Physics 2006 Institute of Physics Bhubaneswar
Research Interests

Nanoclusters for molecular electronics Application;  Two-dimensional nanostructure for Solar Cell, Optoelectronics and sensors;  Rheological behavior of soft matter/nanomaterials dispersion;  Study of Ultrafast processes;  In Nanostructure & soft matter research activities, we have been working on research programs consist of (1) Growth of nanostructure materials (metal, semiconductor and oxides) different shape and sizes (e.g. nanoclusters, nanosheets etc.) (2) characterization through light scattering, (3) studies of ultrafast processes using femtosecond Laser and (4) rheological properties of nanomaterial dispersion –nanofluid in different solvents and polymer as a function of the external force field to explore on the challenging application of above materials in energy and optoelectronic devices.

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. Condensed Matter Physics . Semiconductor Physics . Quantum Mechanics . BTech Physics Lab . M.Sc Physics Lab