Dr. Vijayakrishna KariAssociate Professor
School of Basic Sciences

Research Interests

Synthesis of task specific ILs and polymerizable IL monomers; Synthesis of Chiral Polymers and their applications in chiral induction; Synthesis of Achiral and Chiral Resins and their applications in synthesis; PIL stabilized metal nanoparticles and their applications; Polyelectrolyte-DNA interaction studies; PILs for gas separation membranes; Synthesis of MIPs and resins for nuclear waste treatment; Synthesis of (RAFT derived) ionic, pH, temperature and solvent responsive homo- and block copolymers towards their self-assembling for drug delivery

Contact Details

  • Room No-224, SBS Building
  • +91 674 713 5122
  • kvijayakrishna@iitbbs.ac.in, vijayakrishnakari@gmail.com

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 Degree Discipline Year School
 M.Sc Organic Chemistry 1999 Andhra University, Vizag
 PhD Chemistry 2006 IIT Madras
 CNRS Postdoc Polymer Chemistry 2007-2009 University of Bordeaux, France




Advanced Polymer Chemistry (CY7L004) Polymers and nanocomposites (ML4L003) Chemistry (CY1P001) Chemistry Lab (CY1P001) Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory (CY5P0004)


Recent Publications (International Journals)

1Tilottama, B.; Manojkumar K.; Haribabu P.M.; Vijayakrishna K. “A short review on RAFT polymerization of less activated monomers” Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A: Pure and Applied Chemistry, 2022, ASAP. (Impact Factor: 2.16) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/10601325.2021.2024076
266. Selvakumar, R.; Venkatesan, V.; Bhaskar, R.; Ashok Kumar, S. K.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Brahmmananda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Sahoo, S. K., Rapid detection strategies for the ultra-level chemosensing of uranyl ions, Dalton Transactions, 2021, 50, 14706-14713 (Impact Factor: 4.05), DOI: https://doi.org/10.1039/D1DT01803E
365. Kumar. A. S.; Mageswari, G. V.; Nisha, S.; Nellepalli, P.; Vijayakrishna, K, Molecular Orientation and Dynamics of Ferricyanide Ion-Bearing Copoly(Ionic liquid) Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode Towards Selective Mediated Oxidation Reaction of Cysteine versus Ascorbic acid: A Biomimicking Enzyme Functionality, Electrochimica Acta, 2021, 395, 139215, (Impact Factor: 6.90), DOI:10.1016/j.electacta.2021.139215
464. Kari Vijayakrishna* et al.; "Morpholine-based RAFT agents for the reversible deactivation radical polymerization of vinyl acetate and N-vinylimidazole" Polymer International, 2020; 69: 883–890
563. Vijayakrishna, K.; Patil, S.; Shaji, L. K.; Panicker, R.R. Gentamicin Loaded PLGA based Biodegradable Material for Controlled Drug Delivery. Chemistry Select 2019, 4(28), 8172-8177.
662. Mayuri, P.; Nellepalli, P.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Kumar. A. S. Tuning Poly(ionic liquid) as a Facile Anion (Hexacyanoferrate(III) ion) Exchanger after Being Adsorbed on Graphitic Nanomaterial and Its Versatile Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Ascorbic Acid. The Journal of Physical Chemistry: C. 2019, 123 (32), 19637-19648.
761. Nellepalli, P.; Tomé, L. C.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Marrucho, I. M., Imidazolium-Based Copoly(Ionic Liquid) Membranes for CO2/N2 Separation. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 2019, 58 (5), 2017-2026. (Impact Factor = 3.14)
860. Patinha, D. J. S.; Nellepalli, P.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Silvestre, A. J. D.; Marrucho, I. M., Poly(ionic liquid) embedded particles as efficient solid phase microextraction phases of polar and aromatic analytes. Talanta 2019, 198, 193-199. (Impact Factor = 4.24)
959. Kumar, R. S.; Ashok Kumar, S. K.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Brahmnanda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Sahoo, S. K., Development of highly selective potentiometric thorium(IV) ion-selective electrode: exploration supported with optical and DFT analysis. Analytical Methods 2019, 11, 1338-1345.
1058. Kumar, R. S.; Ashok Kumar, S. K.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Brahmnanda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Sahoo, S. K., Highly selective CHEF-type chemosensor for lutetium (III) recognition in semi-aqueous media. Spectrochimica Acta - Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 2019, 214, 32-39.
1157]. Selvakumar, R., Ashok Kumar, S.K. Kari Vijayakrishna., Sivaramakrishna, A., Brahmmananda Rao, C.V.S., Sivaraman, N., Sahoo, S.K. “Development of highly selective chemosensor for thorium estimation”. Inorgic. Chemistry. 2018, 57, 15270−15279. (Impact factor = 4.7)
1256]. Annam, S.; Brahmmananda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Vijayakrishna, K., Carbamoylmethylphosphine oxide functionalised porous crosslinked polymers towards sequential separation of uranium (VI) and thorium (IV). Reactive and Functional Polymers 2018, 131, 203-210. (Impact Factor = 2.97)
1355]. Das, D.; Brahmmananda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Vijayakrishna, K., Synthesis and extraction behavior of alkyl and cyclic aminophosphonates towards actinides. Inorganica Chimica Acta 2018, 482, 597-604.(Impact factor 2.26) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ica.2018.07.002
1454]. Ranjan, P.; Athar, M.; Rather, H.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Vasita, R.; Jha, P. C., Appraisal of 1-Butylimidazole-Derived Ionic Liquids as Anthelmintic Agents: An Experimental and In Silico Approach. ChemistrySelect 2018, 3 (26), 7518-7526.
1553]. Sara M, Daniele M, Manojkumar K, Kari Vijayakrishna, Junkal G, Agnieszka T, Ana S-S, David M “New electroactive macromonomers and multi-responsive PEDOT graft copolymers”, Polymer Chemistry, 2018, 2018,9, 3780-3790. (Impact Factor = 4.92) DOI: 10.1039/C8PY00680F
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1751]. Das, D.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Brahmmananda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Vijayakrishna, K., Phosphoramidate-functionalized Merrifield resin: synthesis and application in actinide separation. Polymer International 2018, 67 (4), 374-379.. (Impact Factor 2.35) DOI:10.1002/pi.5513
1850]. Patinha, D. J. S.; Pothanagandhi, N.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Silvestre, A. J. D.; Marrucho, I. M., Layer-by-layer coated imidazolium – Styrene copolymers fibers for improved headspace-solid phase microextraction analysis of aromatic compounds. Reactive and Functional Polymers 2018, 125, 93-100. (Impact Factor = 2.97) DOI: org/10.1016/j.reactfunctpolym.2018.02.010
1949]. Annam, S.; Gopakumar, G.; Brahmmananda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Vijayakrishna, K., Trihexyl phosphate to trihexyl phosphine oxide: Diverse effect on extraction behavior of actinides. Journal of Molecular Liquids 2018, 256, 416-423. (Impact Factor 4.51) DOI: 10.1016/j.molliq.2018.02.063
2048]. Das, D.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Gopakumar, G.; Brahmmananda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Vijayakrishna, K., Diphenylmorpholine CMPO: Synthesis, coordination behavior and extraction studies of actinides. Polyhedron 2018, 141, 215-222. (Impact factor: 2.06). DOI: 10.1016/j.poly.2017.11.036
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2444]. Pothanagandhi, N.;Vijayakrishna, K. “RAFT derived Chiral and Achiral Poly(ionic liquids) Resins: Synthesis and Application in Organocatalysis” European Polymer Journal, 2017, 95, 785–794, Special Issue in: Organocatalyzed polymerizations (Impact Factor 3.74) (invited paper) DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2017.08.002
2543]. Manojkumar, K.; Mecerreyes, D.; Taton, D.; Gnanou, Y.; Vijayakrishna, K., Self-assembly of poly(ionic liquid) (PIL)-based amphiphilic homopolymers into vesicles and supramolecular structures with dyes and silver nanoparticles. Polymer Chemistry 2017, 8 (22), 3497-3503. (Impact Factor 4.92) DOI: 10.1039/c7py00453b
2642]. Pothanagandhi, N.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Vijayakrishna, K., Chiral anion-triggered helical poly(ionic liquids). Polymer Chemistry 2017, 8 (5), 918-925. (Impact Factor 4.92) DOI: 10.1039/c6py02012g
2741]. Das, D.; Gopakumar, G.; Brahmmananda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Vijayakrishna, K., Extraction and coordination behavior of diphenyl hydrogen phosphine oxide towards actinides. Journal of Coordination Chemistry 2017, 70 (19), 3338-3352.(Impact factor: 1.70) https://doi.org/10.1080/00958972.2017.1387653
2840]. Annam, S.; Gopakumar, G.; Brahmmananda Rao, C. V. S.; Sivaraman, N.; Sivaramakrishna, A.; Vijayakrishna, K*., Experimental and theoretical studies on extraction of actinides and lanthanides by alicyclic H-phosphonates. Radiochimica Acta 2017, 105 (4), 329-339. (Impact Factor 1.20) DOI: 10.1515/ract-2016-2749
2939].Porcarelli, L.; Manojkumar, K.; Sardon, H.; Llorente, O.; Shaplov, A. S.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Gerbaldi, C.; Mecerreyes, D., Single Ion Conducting Polymer Electrolytes Based On Versatile Polyurethanes. Electrochimica Acta 2017, 241, 526-534. (Impact Factor 5.11) DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2017.04.132
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67Sundararajan, G.; Vijayakrishna, K.; Varghese, B., Synthesis of β-amino alcohols by regioselective ring opening of arylepoxides with anilines catalyzed by cobaltous chloride. Tetrahedron Letters 2004, 45 (44), 8253-8256. (Impact factor: 2.12) DOI: 10.1016/j.tetlet.2004.09.023

Academic Honors & Awards

  • Secured 1st rank in AUSET-1997 (M.Sc Chemistry entrance examination)
  • Prof. K. Ramachandra Rao award for Outstanding Academic Performance in M.Sc Chemistry in Andhra University, India
  • Prof. T. R. Seshadri award for Outstanding Academic Performance in M.Sc Chemistry in Andhra University, India

Research Scholar

PhD students: 3 (On-going)/ 6 Completed
M.Sc students : 2 On-going


Funded Projects

On-going/Sanctioned: (3 Nos)

1. DST-SERB (CRG/2020/003754) "Synthesis of Homo, Di and Tri (ABA type) Block Co-polymers of Less Activated Monomers by Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization".30.6 Lakhs [Dec 2020-Dec 2023] – As PI

2.  Polymer Composite Materials for Small Animal Cages” 15 Lakhs (Sanctioned-2021) funded by Wild life wing of F&E Department, Government of Odisha – As PI

3.   Process Related improvements at PPL” consultancy project sponsored by Paradeep Phosphate Limited, Paradeep, Odisha (2019-2021) – As Co-PI

Completed Funded Projects (5 Nos)
  1. DST-SERB (Project No: SR/S1/OC-22/2012): “Novel Chiral Poly(ionicliquids) and their Applications in Enantioselective Organic Transformations” 38.46 lakhs [2013-2016]
  2. 7th Framework of European Union PEOPLE-2012-IRSES, [Project No. 318873]: “Innovative Ionic Polymers from renewal sources for Energy and Environment” [2013-2016]
  3. UGC-DAE CSR (CSR-KN/CRS-53/2013-14/652): “Novel Task Specific functionalized Molecules and Polymeric Resins: Synthesis and their Applications towards Lanthanide/Actinide Extraction≈5 lakhs [2013-2017]
  4. IGCAR-Kalpakkam Consultancy Project [IGCAR/FChD /SCSS/PROJECT-1/2014]: “Phosphoryl Acetamide Functionalized Polymers/ Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Actinide Separation15 lakhs [2014-2017]
  5. BRNS-DAE project [34/14/11/2015/BRNS] : "Design and synthesis of organophosphorus ionophores as molecular sensors for f-metal ions recognition and extraction ability"  PI: S. K Ashok Kumar. Co-PIs: Kari Vijayakrishna &  A. Sivaramakrishna. 27.7 lakhs [2015-2018]

Text Book Chapters

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