Photo of Vijayakrishna Kari
Associate Professor
School of Basic Sciences
Office : Room No-224, SBS Building
Phone : +91 674 713 5122
Email :,
 Degree Discipline Year School
 M.Sc Organic Chemistry 1999 Andhra University, Vizag
 PhD Chemistry 2006 IIT Madras
 CNRS Postdoc Polymer Chemistry 2007-2009 University of Bordeaux, France
Research Interests

Synthesis of task specific ILs and polymerizable IL monomers; Synthesis of Chiral Polymers and their applications in chiral induction; Synthesis of Achiral and Chiral Resins and their applications in synthesis; PIL stabilized metal nanoparticles and their applications; Polyelectrolyte-DNA interaction studies; PILs for gas separation membranes; Synthesis of MIPs and resins for nuclear waste treatment; Synthesis of (RAFT derived) ionic, pH, temperature and solvent responsive homo- and block copolymers towards their self-assembling for drug delivery

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Advanced Polymer Chemistry (CY7L004) Engineering Chemistry Lab (CY1P001)