Prof. V. R. PedireddiProfessor
School of Basic Sciences

Research Interests

Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecular Recognition, Organic Solid State & Materials Chemistry

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  • SBS-224
  • 674-713-5168

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 Degree Discipline Year School
 Ph.D. Chemistry 1993 University of Hyderabad




CYA1001; CYS1001; Chemistry of Materials; CYA6001


Author(s) Recent Publication (International Journals)
N. SeethaLekhsmi and V. R. Pedireddi
1 Solid State Structures of 4-Carboxyphenylboronic acid and its Hydrates, Crystal Grow. Des. 2007, 7, 944-949
J. PrakashaReddy and V. R. Pedireddi
2 Metal-Organic Hybrids of 1,3,5-tris(4-pyridylsulfanylmethyl)-2,4,6-trimethylbenzene with Mercuric Halides,Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2007, 1150-1158
A. Delori, E. Suresh and V. R. Pedireddi
3 pKa Directed Host-Guest Assemblies: Rational Analysis of Molecular Adducts of 2,4-Diamino-6-Methyl-1,3,5-Triazine with Various Aliphatic Dicarboxylic Acids, Chem. Eur. J. 2008, 23, 6967-6977
M. Samipillai, E. Suresh and V. R. Pedireddi
4 Molecules to Supermolecules and Self Assembly: A Study of Some Cocrystals of Cyanuric Acid,Tetrahedron Lett. 2008, 49, 3666-3671

Academic Honors & Awards

  • Co-Editor, Acta Crystallographica: Section E
  • Best Scientist of National Chemical Laboratory
  • Professor R. C. Shah Award of Indian Science Congress
  • B. M. Birla Science Prize in Chemical Sciences
  • Fellow of Maharashtra Academy of Sciences
  • Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

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