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School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management

Mission and Vision

Scientific temper can only thrive and proliferate in a holistic environment-an environment that boasts of an optimum mix of rationality and art. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences projects the humane face of technology that aims to infuse in the students a sense of conscientiousness through the study of Literature and Language. It is imperative that budding scientists and engineers should be sensitive and sensible in order to appreciate the finer things in life. The school envisions in making men that are receptive and responsive in temperament, and secular and responsible in character. It also aims to produce technocrats, who can contribute productively to the world of economics and commerce.

Creative thinking besides technical expertise is essential for engineers and scientists in the making. It is the School's aim to nurture and augment the creative faculties of its students. Visualisation of an abstract idea or concept before giving it a form or a structure is an exercise that the school wishes to put to practice to develop cognitive abilities of young minds.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences aims at creating a syllabus that will help students and scholars to develop into well rounded personalities. It wishes to propagate knowledge that is utilitarian and aesthetic in its makeup.

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