SOP for Off-line and Hybrid Classes @ IIT Bhubaneswar

  1. Maintaining Social Distancing and Wearing Masks are MANDATORY at all times while you are in Class Room and at Lecture Hall Complex (Note: Anyone caught not wearing the masks will have to pay a penalty of Rs. 500/-,
  2. which would double during the second time. CSO, ASO and security personnel are authorized to identify and inform about the defaulter/s)
  3. The Windows of all classrooms are OPENED during the class sessions and closed at night (while classes are not conducted). The Students and Faculty need to make sure of this aspect as it provides ventilation and reduces the risk of virus spread.
  4. Do not switch the Seats. Use the Seat allotted to you. This will reduce the probability of virus contamination
  5. Entrance points of the building and Classrooms are provided with sanitizers. Please use them as and when required.
  6. The washrooms are provided with the hand washing liquids and room sanitizers. Hygiene needs to be maintained.
  7. Use of Personal Bicycles is highly encouraged and please try to avoid public transport like buses.
  8. If any Student is not feeling good with respect to health, he/she must not attend physical classes instead they should report it to the Medical Unit at the earliest.
  9. Please visit the following link to the announcement of start of hybrid classes (along with procedures) at our Institute:
  10. Please visit for latest general SOP on Covid -19 to be followed at the Institute : Announcements/ Admin Notifications related to COVID-19 :: Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (