SoP on Covid-19 to be followed in the Institute w.e.f. 06.07.2021

All the Fraternity of IIT Bhubaneswar, including outsourced manpower, mandatorily be inoculated at least one dose of vaccine by 10th July 2021.  Those who have valid reason for avoiding vaccination may please immediately send a letter to Registrar by 6th July, explaining about the reason and may request for granting entry into the Campus to work.


(ii)          Maintaining social distancing and wearing masks are mandatory at all the times, when more than one person is in contact.  Anyone caught not wearing the masks will have to pay a penalty of Rs. 500/-, which would double during the second time.  CSO, ASO and security personnel are authorized to identify and inform about the defaulter/s.


(iii)         All the off-campus personnel (faculty, staff, officers and students), need to submit the following at the main gate,


(a)  a copy of inoculation of at least 1st dose of vaccine or a letter for permission for entry addressed to Covid-19 Prevention Task Force Committee, citing the valid reason for ‘NO VACCINATION’Entry will be restricted from 06.07.2021 onwards for non-vaccinated personnel


(b)  a filled up self-declaration in the prescribed format (Click Here to Download Format) that that they did not visit any place outside Bhubaneswar-Cuttack-Khurda regions in the last one-week period and also no guests visited them.


(iv)         All the Fraternity of IIT Bhubaneswar (campsites and off-campus residents), even if vaccinated (single or double doses) , visiting outside Khurda-Bhubaneswar-Cuttack regions (highly discouraged, however), while coming back, mandatorily required to inform the nodal officer CPTF ( and should be at home quarantine for 5 days followed by RT-PCR test (sample collection on 5th day)

  • For on duty personnelonly, the cost for RT-PCR would be reimbursed from the appropriate Head of the accounts. Their quarantine period would also be considered as work from home. 


(v)          Guests (Whoever come to stay for longer duration) of the members of the Institute (campsites and off-campus residents), also need to follow the same instructions given in (iv), except they also required to undergo home quarantine for 10 days, if both the doses of vaccine is not completed.  Further, during the quarantine period, the entire host family of the concerned Guests must be at home quarantine accordingly. For this, they may take leave as per the availability or work from home with the approval of the concerned authority. 


(vi)         Technicians of outside agencies and commercial vendors from Bhubaneswar-Cuttack-Khorda region, are allowed, for a short duration, subject to the permission from the campsite, only if they had undergone at least single dose of vaccination, and wear N-95 masks as well as hand gloves and carry sanitizers. The Institute persons are advised not to interact with the technicians closely and the workspace is required to be sanitized immediately after the technician leaves the place.


(vii)        Technicians of outside agencies visiting from outside Bhubaneswar-Cuttack twin city, Khurda and Jatni can visit the Institute only with RT-PCR negative report (72 hrs prior to the arrival at the Campus), even if both the doses of the vaccine are completed and wearing PPE kit (strictly new) during the entire period of work.


(viii)      All the shops in the Commercial Complex remain open till 7 p.m.


(ix)     All the fraternity must inform the Medical Unit (Phone: 0674-7139200, and in case of any illness is noted.   


(x)       All the Fraternity attending any public functions (marriages, social gatherings, public services, etc.) should inform the details to the nodal officer. Dr. Ashima Sarkhel has been nominated as the new Nodal Officer- Covid Grievances.