Sponsored Research Projects

SL No. Title Sponsoring Agency PI of the Project School Budget (Rs. in Lakhs) Duration Start Date End Date Project Code Status
205 High Pure Nano-Alumina for Solar Cell Anti-Reflection Coatings and Reinforcing Aluminum NALCO Prof. Saroj Nayak SBS 49.88 2 Years 02.08.2019 01.08.2021 RP205 On-going
204 Design and Development of tools for detection and prevention of cyber-attacks in Smart Grid Energy Management Systems (EMS) CPRI Dr. Padmalochan Bera SES 49.92 2 Years 24.10.2019 31.03.2020 RP204 On-going
203 Seismic Design of Pipelines NDMA & BIS Dr. Suresh R Dash SIF 10.56 1 Year 19.10.2019 18.10.2020 RP203 On-going
202 Development of multi-sectorial simulation lab and science based decision support framework to address urban environment issues CDAC-MeitY Prof. U C Mohanty SEO&CS 223.59 4 Years 27.09.2019 26.09.2023 RP202 On-going
201 Development of a sub-micrometer resolution electrohydrodynamic jet printer for printing customized polymeric structures DST-IMPRINT Dr. Sasidhar Kondaraju SMS 6.60 3 Years 11.06.2019 10.06.2022 RP201 On-going
200 Energy Efficiency in Agricultural pumping with smart ground water mangement through monitoring and targeting aquifers EESL Prof. R K Panda SIF 24.48 2 Years 21.06.2019 20.06.2021 RP200 On-going
199 Development of Aluminium-based Materials for Energy Storage Application-Supercapacitor NALCO-IMMT Dr. Saroj Kumar Nayak SBS 9.00 2 Years 13.06.2019 12.06.2021 RP199 On-going
198 Single chip testset for portable 5G network analyzers DST Dr. Debapratim Ghosh SES 62.17 3 Years 06.06.2019 05.06.2022 RP198 On-going
197 Improved surface hardness of bus body panels: A simple route by shot peening NALCO Dr. Srikant Gollapudi SMMME 16.31 1 year 16.05.2019 15.05.2020 RP197 On-going
196 Mechanical behaviour of additively manufactured hierarchical micro-architected metamaterials and composites for structural and functional applications DST Dr. Kodandaram Mangipudi SMMME 46.17 3 Years 15.05.2019 14.05.2022 RP196 On-going
195 A Novel fluorescence-based assay for rapid detection and quantification of Exosomes DST-IMPRINT Dr. Srikanta Patra SBS 31.30 3 Years 13.05.2019 12.05.2022 RP195 On-going
194 Urban Flood Modelling - A Web-basid Decision Tool Integrating UAV Based Information DST Dr. Meenu Ramadas SIF 34.60 3 Years 30.04.2019 29.04.2022 RP194 On-going
193 Development and evaluation of a hyperlocal forecasting system for smart city Bhubaneswar and neighborhood regions DST Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik SEO&CS 30.91 3 Years 08.03.2019 07.03.2022 RP193 On-going
192 Centre for H2 Solutions - Materials Energy Systems (H2- M & ES) NFTDC Dr. Soobhankar Pati SMMME 33.55 5 Years 15.04.2019 14.04.2024 RP192 On-going
191 Smart Grid Security Control Using Nature-Inspired Decentralised Cooperative Metaheuristic Strategies DST Prof. N C Sahoo SES 10.05 3 Years 27.02.2019 26.02.2022 RP191 On-going
190 Development of Heterodimetallic Complexes and their Theranostic and Catalytic Aspects DST Dr. Srikanta Patra SBS 31.24 3 Years 30.03.2019 29.03.2022 RP190 On-going
189 Dynamic Analysis and Design of Dynamically Balanced Gait Controller for Lower Limb Exoskeleton DST Dr. Pandu Ranga Vundavalli SMS 44.12 3 Years 25.03.2019 24.03.2022 RP189 On-going
188 Effect of laser shock peening on the fatigue behavior of Nitinol shape memory alloy DST Dr. Srikant Gollapudi SMMME 35.42 3 Years 28.03.2019 27.03.2022 RP188 On-going
187 Design and Development of Hybrid “PCM-Synthetic Jet” based Heat Sink for Electronic Cooling DST Dr. Mihir Kumar Das SMS 38.31 3 Years 28.03.2019 27.03.2022 RP187 On-going
186 Development of continuous gradient Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs) by using gravity die casting under Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE) DST Dr. Manas Mohan Mohapatra SMS 10.05 3 Years 25.03.2019 24.03.2022 RP186 On-going
185 Development of Cost Effective process and known for production of A1-Mg alloys of enhanced mechanical properties, incorporating graphen/grapheme oxide, suitable for automobile application NALCO Prof. Saroj Nayak SBS 54.72 3 Years 28.03.2019 27.03.2022 RP185 On-going
184 Quality control of HF Radar surface currents for investigation of sub-mesoscale coastal processes and its use for assimilation in the INCOIS model INCOIS Dr. Sourav Sil SEO&CS 16.50 2 Years 22.03.2019 21.03.2021 RP184 On-going
183 Independence polynomials of graphs and associated fractals DST Dr. Tarakanta Nayak SBS 6.60 3 Years 20.03.2019 19.03.2022 RP183 On-going
182 Development of a three dimensional unsteady, compressible flow solver (based on LES methodology) to optimize shape of a launch vehicle for reducing aerodynamic drag and flow induced acoustic noise at transonic Mach numbers ISRO Dr. Yogesh Bhumkar SMS 19.50 3 Years 15.03.2019 14.03.2022 RP182 On-going
181 Prototype of Imaging Radar in UWB DST - IMPRINT Dr. Srinivas Boppu SES 72.82 2 Years 08.03.2019 07.03.2021 RP181 On-going
180 Light weight, Reconfigurable Cognitive Radio Platform for M2M and IoT applications DST - IMPRINT Dr. Barathram Ramkumar SES 81.98 3 Years 08.03.2019 07.03.2022 RP180 On-going
179 Development of long-term high resolution Land Use Land Cover (LULC) data for Bhubaneswar peri-urban & rural areas and future projection DST Dr. Debadatta Swain SEO&CS 67.49 3 Years 20.02.2019 19.02.2022 RP179 On-going
178 Low temperature electro refining process for production of high purity aluminium (4N and above) NALCO Dr. Soobhankar Pati SMMME 17.63 2 Years 19.02.2019 18.02.2021 RP178 On-going
177 Decoding the factors controlling the variations in ‘metal-package’ within W-Sn-polymetallic province of Erinpura-Malani igneous suite, India DST INSPIRE Research Grant Dr. Sourabh Bhattacharya SEO&CS 14.00 1.2 years 11.02.2019 31.03.2020 RP177 On-going
176 Stress Corosion Cracking (SSC) evaluation of Materials for Naval application: New insights from Double Cantilever Beam (DCB) technique NRB, DRDO Dr. K K Sahu SMMME 18.79 2.5 Years 06.02.2019 05.09.2021 RP176 On-going
175 Development of stand-alone, cost effective conversion coatings for Magnesium alloys UAY of MHRD Dr. K K Sahu SMMME 70.70 3 Years 01.11.2018 31.10.2021 RP175 On-going
174 Impact of changing aerosol loading and urbanization on surface temperature and rainfall over select cities over India DST Dr. V. Vinoj SEO&CS 73.14 3 Years 09.01.2019 08.01.2022 RP174 On-going
173 Online Corrosion Monitoring in naval structures NRB, DRDO Dr. Soobhankar Pati SMMME 32.08 3 Years 12.12.2018 11.12.2021 RP173 On-going
172 Improving damping capacity of cast Nickel aluminum Bronze (NAB) alloys NRB, DRDO Dr. Partha Sarathi De SMMME 19.46 2 Years 29.11.2018 28.11.2020 RP172 On-going
171 Development of dppz Based Mononuclear Complexes of Iridium and Gold as Ptential Luminescent Probe and Anticancer Agent CSIR Dr. Srikanta Patra SBS 16.50 3 Years 30.10.2018 29.10.2021 RP171 On-going
170 Minimization of Storage Requirements in Renewable Rich Smart Microgrid through Coordinated Control of Resources DST Dr. Chandrasekhar Perumalla SES 50.39 1 year 14.11.2018 22.12.2019 RP170 On-going
169 FIST Programme - SES DST Dr. P K Sahu SES 232.00 5 Years 26.10.2018 25.10.2023 RP169 On-going
168 ION Induced modification of the nanostructured materials and tuning of surface wetting property DST Dr. Shyamal Chatterjee SBS 44.54 3 Years 15.09.2018 14.09.2021 RP168 On-going
167 Impact of Lysine acetylation in Hsp 16.3 on its structure, chaperone function and the growth, survival as well as pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DST Dr. Ashish Biswas SBS 30.43 3 Years 15.09.2018 14.09.2021 RP167 On-going
166 Development of Metal Matrix Nano-Composites using selective Laser Melting process DST Dr. Anirban Bhattacharya SMS 52.89 3 Years 15.09.2018 14.09.2021 RP166 On-going
165 Design and Development of Co-axial Synthetic Jet for Electronics Cooling DST Dr. Venugopal Arumuru SMS 32.11 3 Years 15.09.2018 14.09.2021 RP165 On-going
164 FIST Programme - SMS DST Dr. Satyanarayana Ayyalasomayajula SMS 265.00 5 years 01.09.2018 31.08.2023 RP164 On-going
163 Hub & Spoke Consortia for e2W and e3W Electric Drives Design, Development and Prototyping of Advanced IM and Synchronous Reluctance Drives and Vehicle Integration for e2W and e3W Applications NFTDC Prof. N C Sahoo SES 27.40 2 Years 18.09.2018 17.09.2020 RP163 On-going
162 Spectra of multidigraphs and their applications to complex networks DST Dr. Sasmita Barik SBS 6.60 3 Years 13.06.2018 12.06.2021 RP162 On-going
161 Evaluation of residual stress in Alloy 617 boiler tube weld joint and 10Cr Steel/ Alloy 617 dissimilar metal weld joint for welded turbine rotor IGCAR, DAE Dr. Manas Mohan Mohapatra SMS 145.12 2 Years 28.06.2018 31.05.2020 RP161 On-going
160 Estimation of morphodynamicity and its remedial action using red-mud based concrete at coastal zone of Eastern Odisha Ministry of Mines Dr. B Hanumantha Rao SIF 15.00 6 months 31.03.2018 30.09.2018 RP160 Completed
159 Value added Electrochemical Devices from Zircon Obtained from Beach Sands of Odisha Ministry of Mines Dr. Soobhankar Pati SMMME 36.04 2 Years 26.03.2018 25.03.2020 RP159 On-going
158 Investigation on quantification  and prevention of high residual stresses and hydrogen assisted cracking in creep strength enhanced ferritic steel welds for low pollution ultra supereritical power plant applications DST Dr. Manas Mohan Mohapatra SMS 12.58 10 Months 08.03.2018 14.01.2019 RP158 Completed
157 Nanostructure Genomics Designing Functionality of 2-Dimensional Nanostructure and Nano-Bio Interfaces IUSSTF Prof. Saroj Nayak SBS 24.36 2 Years 27.03.2018 26.03.2020 RP157 On-going
156 Online Target Scoring system for consistency trails with scintillation removal in images DRDO Dr. N B Puhan SES 9.80 1.6 Years 06.03.2018 06.03.2020 RP156 On-going
155 Materials and related storage devices for grid-deprived communities DST Prof. Saroj Nayak SBS 23.56 3 Years 17.08.2017 16.08.2020 RP155 On-going
154 Impact Assessment of climate change on Hydrometeorological processes and water resources of Mahanadi river basin Ministry of Water Resources, GOI Dr. Arindam Sarkar SIF 26.25 3 Years 07.03.2018 06.03.2021 RP154 On-going
153 Design and study of Nano and micro displacement sensor based on Photonic Crystal Fiber modal interferometer ISRO Dr. Rajan Jha SBS 26.96 2 Years 27.02.2018 26.02.2020 RP153 On-going
152 Synthesis of some natural marine pyrrole alkaloids and molecules inspired from them for multi-drug resistance (MDR) Cancer Cells CSIR Dr. Tabrez Khan SBS 19.76 3 Years 14.02.2018 13.02.2021 RP152 On-going
151 Treatment for domestic wastewater using microphyte assisted vermifiltration system MHRD Dr. R R Dash SIF 26.63 3 Years 22.01.2018 21.01.2021 RP151 On-going
150 Detection of lighting phenomena and associated process and its now casting ISRO Dr. Debadatta Swain SEO&CS 5.00 5 years 08.11.2017 07.11.2022 RP150 On-going
149 Performance Improvement of Steam Generator through the Enhanced Hydrophobic Surface Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) Dr. Mihir Kumar Das SMS 49.98 2 Years 06.10.2017 05.10.2019 RP149 On-going
148 UI-ASSIST: US-India collaborative for smart distribution system with storage Indo-US Science & Technology Forum Dr. S R Samantaray SES 339.59 5 years 29.09.2017 28.09.2022 RP148 On-going
147 Development of Speech Interface for Form-filling Application in Five Indian Languages MEIT under IMPRINT Dr. M S Manikandan SES 91.20 2 years 05.09.2017 31.03.2020 RP147 On-going
146 Si/SiC Hybrid semiconductor based solid state transformer for PV application DST Dr. Dipankar De SES 36.12 3 Years 26.07.2017 25.07.2020 RP146 On-going
145 Measures for Improving the Attractiveness of Pedestrian Facility Accessing Urban Local Bus Stops MHRD-IMPRINT Dr. Debasis Basu SIF 60.06 2 Years 18.07.2017 17.07.2020 RP145 On-going
144 Characterization studies of Nano-enhanced Phase Change Material (NEPCM) in thermal storage devices for sustainable building designs in India DST Dr. B Hanumantha Rao SIF 15.00 3 Years 22.06.2017 21.06.2020 RP144 On-going
143 Design and analysis of reactor for catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic: A treatment technique for mixed solid waste DST Dr. Remya Neelancherry SIF 34.59 3 Years 15.07.2017 14.07.2020 RP143 On-going
142 Brush less DC machine based solar pumping system DST Dr. C N Bhende SES 66.24 3 Years 03.06.2017 02.06.2020 RP142 On-going
141 Growth and characterization of semiconductor graphene hybrid nanosheets for sola cell applications DST Dr. Satchidananda Rath SBS 42.23 3 Years 06.07.2017 05.07.2020 RP141 On-going
140 Panel head of materials panel of Naval Research Board DRDO Dr. Brij Kumar Dhindaw SMMME 30.00 3 Years 31.05.2017 30.05.2020 RP140 On-going
139 Numerical simulation of sub-mesoscale features along Odisha coast using SCATSAT winds ISRO Dr. Sourav Sil SEO&CS 30.03 3 Years 19.04.2017 18.04.2020 RP139 On-going
138 Estimation of upwelling indices and study of propagating ocean fronts in the Indian and Global Oceans utilizing SCATSAT-1 gridded wind fields ISRO Dr. Debadatta Swain SEO&CS 27.71 3 Years 19.04.2017 18.04.2020 RP138 On-going
137 Droplet impact and splashing on oblique surface DST Dr. Sasidhar Kondaraju SMS 26.20 3 Years 27.03.2017 26.03.2020 RP137 On-going
136 Design development of light weight wearable wireless acoustic wave sensor array based audio-visual digital stethoscope device DST Dr. M S Manikandan SES 15.05 2 Years 26.12.2016 25.12.2018 RP136 Completed
135 Study of the effects of Climate Change on Hydro-meteorological processes: Droughts and Floods at Different Spatial and Temporal Scales in Eastern India DST Prof. R K Panda SIF 163.36 3 Years 31.03.2017 30.03.2020 RP135 On-going
134 Greywater treatment and reuse by combined sequencing batch reactor and solar photocatalytic reactor DST Dr. Remya Neelancherry SIF 21.04 3 Years 01.03.2017 29.02.2020 RP134 On-going
133 UK India clean energy research institute (UKICERI) - UK-India Joint Virtual Centre for Clean Energy DST Dr. S B Karanki SES 54.73 4 Years 05.04.2017 04.04.2021 RP133 On-going
132 Role of cloud physics and dynamics on lifecycle of monsoon low pressure using high resolution observation and modeling DST Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik SEO&CS 64.00 3 Years 29.03.2017 28.03.2020 RP132 On-going
131 Bioelectricity recovery during treatment of kitchen waste in combined leach bed reactor and low cost microbial fuel cell DST Dr. Manaswini Behera SIF 25.25 3 Years 28.03.2017 27.03.2020 RP131 On-going
130 Design and Development of Optical Microfiber based Acoustic Sensors for Under/ Over Water Applications DST Dr. Rajan Jha SBS 44.26 3 Years 23.03.2017 22.03.2020 RP130 On-going
129 Structural studies on the interaction of hc5a with the N-terminus peptides of C5aR and C5L2 receptor DST Dr. Soumendra Rana SBS 29.68 3 Years 15.03.2017 14.03.2020 RP129 On-going
128 Techniques and tools for verification of network security policies based on formal methods to assess security of networks DRDO Dr. Padmalochan Bera SES 21.95 2 Years 13.03.2017 09.06.2019 RP128 Completed
127 Development of enhanced hydrophobic tube bundle with low pressure drop for two phase shell and tube heat exchanger DST Dr. Mihir Kumar Das SMS 45.46 3 years 10.03.2017 09.03.2020 RP127 On-going
126 Ion irradiation induced modification of one-dimensional functional nano-materials BRNS Dr. Shyamal Chatterjee SBS 26.58 3 years 03.03.2017 02.03.2020 RP126 On-going
125 Study of hybrid improper ferroelectricity in layered perovskites by high resolution neutron diffraction techniques UGC-DAE Dr. Niharika
SBS 0.45 3 years 01.03.2017 28.02.2020 RP125 On-going
124 Driver behavior modelling for autonomous driving KPIT Technologies Ltd Prof. N C Sahoo SES 26.70 3.5 years 16.02.2017 14.07.2020 RP124 On-going
123 Rice mill wastewater treatment and bio-electricity generation in low cost microbial fuel cell employing ceramic separator DST Dr. Manaswini Behera SIF 20.06 3 years 20.02.2017 19.02.2020 RP123 On-going
122 Fabrication and characterisation of CVD diamond detectors for plasma diagnostics in nuclear fusion reactors BRNS Dr. Satchidananda Rath SES 34.33 2years 03.02.2017 02.02.2019 RP122 Completed
121 Optimization Of Silos, Bins And Hoppers Designs Through Modelling, Primarily Intended For Iron Ore Storage UAY of MHRD & NMDC Dr. K K Sahu SMMME 120.00 2years 09.10.2017 08.10.2019 RP121 On-going
120 Design and implementation of High-speed low-power embedded signal processor based custom power devices for power quality improvement DST Dr. S B Karanki SES 33.00 3 years 25.01.2017 24.01.2020 RP120 On-going
119 Design and Development of Affordable and Movable Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Water Pumping System DAFP Dr. S B Karanki & Dr. M S Manikandan SES 80.58 1.6 year 01.11.2016 31.03.2020 RP119 On-going
118 Recycling of cast alloys scraps to produce alloys with comparable microstructure and properties as that of primary alloys UAY of MHRD & NALCO Dr. Animesh Mandal SMMME 38.64 2 years 12.08.2016 30.11.2019 RP118 On-going
117 Study of Wetting and De-Wetting Transition for Fog-Water Harvesting DST INSPIRE Research Grant Dr. Sasidhar Kondaraju SMS 35.00 5 years 23.09.2016 22.09.2021 RP117 Completed
116 A bound-state electronic structure theory approach to investigate the electron detachment initiated by light DST Dr. Kousik Samanta SBS 48.95 3 years 17.11.2016 16.11.2019 RP116 On-going
115 Process for development of new applications of Aluminium based Materials in Solar light, solar roof sheets and in Battery having Superior Thermal and Electronic Properties NALCO Prof. Saroj Nayak SBS 61.20 3 years 08.12.2016 07.12.2019 RP115 On-going
114 Atomic Scale Aluminium as Interconnects in Electronic devices NALCO Prof. Saroj Nayak SBS 38.40 3 years 08.12.2016 07.12.2019 RP114 On-going
113 Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) Upgrade, Operation and Utilization DST Dr. Seema Bahinipati SBS 63.00 4 years 21.09.2016 31.03.2020 RP113 On-going
112 Impact of disaster risk reduction activities on livelihood patterns, community resilience and socioeconomic vulnerability in coastal districts of Odisha: A case study
ICSSR Dr. Akhilesh Barve SMS 5.00 2 years 14.10.2016 28.02.2019 RP112 Completed
111 Diesel engine Emission Control using Electrical Discharge based Technique for Clean Environment: A Non-Conventional Approach DST Dr. Sankarsan Mohapatro SES 52.58 3 years 01.10.2016 29.02.2020 RP111 On-going
110 Development of Deep Hole Drilling Technique for Measurement of Residual Stresses and its Validation BRNS Dr. Manas Mohan Mohapatra SMS 28.45 2 years 01.09.2016 31.08.2018 RP110 Completed
109 Dissimilar joining of Al with Ti and steel using friction stir welding Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL) Dr. Partha Sarathi De SMMME 9.60 1.5 year 29.12.2016 28.02.2019 RP109 Completed
108 Modelling of Chemical Vapour Infiltration (CVI) process for Fabrication of Carbon Reinforced Carbon Matrix Composites ASL, DRDO Dr. Soobhankar Pati SMMME 8.94 1.5 year 10.10.2016 07.10.2018 RP108 Completed
107 Aeronautic Telemetry Channel Estimation and Equalization ITR Chandipur Dr. P R Sahu SES 9.99 1.5 year 01.01.2017 30.09.2018 RP107 Completed
106 Real time Implementation of Image Fusion Algorithms for IR and CCD Video ITR Chandipur Dr. N B Puhan SES 10.00 1.5 year 01.02.2017 30.09.2018 RP106 Completed
105 Utilization of ITR Doppler Weather Radar Products in High Resolution Mesoscale Model for Prediction of Severe Weather Over Chandipur ITR Chandipur Prof. U C Mohanty SEO&CS 9.80 1 year 01.12.2017 31.03.2019 RP105 Completed
104 Assessment and improvement of rainfall forecast skills over the state of Odisha with special reference to Mahanadi and Brahmani-Baitarani river system CSIR Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik SEO&CS 6.32 3 years 19.12.2018 18.12.2021 RP104 On-going
103 Development of intellegent relaying scheme for micro-grids with DG penetration CPRI Dr. S R Samantaray SES 27.47 2 years 24.06.2016 31.12.2018 RP103 Completed
102 Visvesvaraya Ph scheme for Electronics and IT DeitY Dr. M S Manikandan SES 50.06 5 years 29.02.2016 28.02.2021 RP102 On-going
101 Design and Development of heterodimetallic complex of ruthenium iridium and palladium and their chemical and biological aspects DST Dr. Srikant Patra SBS 42.17 3 years 02.04.2016 01.04.2019 RP101 Completed
100 Establishment of Innovation-cum-Incubation Centre at IIT Bhubaneswar Planning & Coordination Dept. Prof. R K Panda SIF 100.00 2 Years 16.12.2015 15.12.2017 RP100 On-going
99 Computer vision guided mass gathering surveillance using crowd flow analysis DST Dr. Debi Prosad Dogra SES 22.55 3 years 21.01.2016 20.07.2019 RP099 Completed
98 Study of piezoelectric nanomaterial reinforced polymer nanocomposite films for applications in MEMS DST Dr. Kaushik Das SMMME 22.66 3 years 15.01.2016 14.01.2019 RP098 Completed
97 Design and implementation of MIMO based transceiver for emergency applications DST Dr. Barathram Ramkumar SES 19.01 3 years 11.01.2016 10.01.2019 RP097 Completed
96 Magnetic properties of self-assembled bivalent, trivalent and mixed-valent [2x2] transition metal grids UGC-DAE Dr. Akhilesh Ku Singh SBS 15.76 3 years 22.03.2016 21.03.2019 RP096 Completed
95 Performance Evaluation of Pavements with Stabilized Bases/Subbases for Rural Roads NRRDA Dr U C Sahoo SIF 33.60 2 yeas 15.10.2015 14.10.2017 RP095 Completed
94 Development of Higher Order Compact Scheme to capture Taylor column phenomena in rotating fluids DST Dr. T V S Sekhar SBS 21.26 3 years 05.11.2015 04.11.2018 RP094 Completed
93 Seasonal and inter-annual variability of Relative Heat Content (RHC) in the Indian Ocean ISRO Dr. Debadatta Swain SEO&CS 26.53 3 years 14.10.2015 03.01.2019 RP093 Completed
92 Development of a general synthetic approach directed towards the total synthesis of bioactive iridoid class of terpenoids DST Dr. Tabrez Khan SBS 31.62 3 years 05.10.2015 04.10.2018 RP092 Completed
91 Pool Boiling Crisis on Porous Coated Surface: An Experimental Study and Model Development DST Dr. Mihir Kumar Das SMS 27.57 2 years 17.09.2015 11.08.2018 RP091 Completed
90 Designing of Novel Multiferroic Transition Metal Oxides for Memory and Energy Applications DST Dr. Amritendu Roy SMMME 26.11 3 years 11.09.2015 10.09.2018 RP090 Completed
89 Special Manpower Development Program for Chips to System Design (SMDP-C2SD) DeitY Dr. M S Manikandan SES 53.15 5 years 22.05.2015 21.05.2020 RP089 On-going
88 Establishment of Coastal Ocean Observatory at the Innovation Centre for Climate Change (IC3) and Capacity Building of School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences Ministry of Earth Sciences Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik SEO&CS 923.00 2 years 15.10.2015 31.03.2019 RP088 Completed
87 Development and Analysis of the space-time optimized dispersion relation preserving (DRP) scheme suitable for high performance computing of fluid flows DST Dr. Yogesh Bhumkar SMS 7.80 2 years 13.08.2015 12.08.2017 RP087 Completed
86 Simulation of coastall circulation on North-West Bay of Bengal DST Dr. Sourav Sil SEO&CS 40.75 3 years 12.06.2015 11.06.2018 RP086 Completed
85 Development of a comprehensive wide-area based back up protection scheme for power transmission network DST Dr. S R Samantaray SES 50.33 3 years 18.05.2015 17.08.2018 RP085 Completed
84 Quantifying the impact of urbanisation and climate change on the microclimate of Bhubaneswar DST-UKIERI Dr. Debadatta Swain SEO&CS 15.54 2 years 29.04.2015 28.04.2017 RP084 Completed
83 Monsoon dynamics and thermodynamics from the land surface, through convection to the continental-scale (INCOMPASS) IITM Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik SEO&CS 47.49 3 years 06.11.2015 31.03.2019 RP083 Completed
82 Multiscale analysis of circulation and variability in the North-Western Bay of Bengal using HF radar oservations INCOIS Dr. Sourav Sil SEO&CS 26.96 2 years 12.05.2015 30.09.2017 RP082 Completed
81 Solar Powered DC System for Domestic Electrification and Rural Application Planning & Coordination Dept. Prof. N C Sahoo SES 21.66 2 years 12.08.2015 11.08.2017 RP081 Completed
80 National Initiative for Design Innovation MHRD Dr. S N Panigrahi SMS 1,000.00 3 years 04.04.2015 31.03.2020 RP080 On-going
79 Improved under-standing and representation of land surface processes for short, medium and long range prediction of monsoon rainfall IITM Prof. U C Mohanty SEO&CS 53.84 3 years 30.03.2015 03.03.2019 RP079 Completed
78 Photovoltaic (PV) based grid-interactive and off-grid electricity system DST
Indo-Finish Joint
Dr. C N Bhende SES 34.07 3 years 17.02.2015 16.02.2018 RP078 Completed
77 Millennial to centennial scale variability in the Asian summer monsoon: Foraminiferal perspective from the East China Sea NCAOR Dr. Raj Kumar Singh SEO&CS 27.76 3 years 05.01.2015 04.07.2018 RP077 Completed
76 Design of Optimized Natural Laminar Flow Aerofoil for Transport Aircraft AR&DB Dr. Yogesh Bhumkar SMS 16.15 2 years 17.12.2014 16.12.2016 RP076 Completed
75 Integration and intelligent management of renewable via ICT for smart Micro-Grid networks DST Prof. N C Sahoo SES 88.24 3 years 20.11.2014 15.06.2018 RP075 Completed
74 Center of Excellence for Novel Energy Materials (CENEMA) MHRD Prof. Saroj Nayak SBS 528.00 6 years 04.09.2014 31.03.2020 RP074 On-going
73 Optimization HIP process conditions for 9Cr and 18Cr ODS steel powder UGC-DAE Dr. Animesh Mandal SMMME 7.40 3 years 24.09.2014 23.09.2017 RP073 Completed
72 Two dimensional NiCO2O4-graphene composites for high performance supercapacitor electrodes BRNS Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout SBS 24.46 3 years 08.10.2014 07.10.2017 RP072 Completed
71 Speech Based Access of Agricultural Commodity Prices and Weather Information in 12 Indian Languages / Dialects DeitY Dr. P K Sahu SES 44.85 2 Years 10 Months 19.09.2014 31.07.2018 RP071 Completed
70 Development of Higher Order Compact Scheme to capture Taylor column phenomena in rotating fluids DST Dr. T V S Sekhar SBS 0.50 1year 09.10.2014 08.10.2015 RP070 Completed
69 Does Tropical cyclone Heat Potential (TCHP) play a significant role in intensification of tropical cyclones? A comprehensive analysis for the North Indian Ocean INCOIS Dr. Debadatta Swain SEO&CS 38.16 3 years 21.08.2014 30.09.2017 RP069 Completed
68 Flexible and free-standing vanadium sulfides/ nanocarbon(graphene, reduced graphene oxide, nanotubes) paer for high performance supercapacitor electrodes DST
Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout SBS 10.92 3 years 14.08.2014 13.08.2017 RP068 Completed
67 Chemical and Biosensors basedon two dimensional layered structures and their grapheme based hybrids UGC-UKIERI Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout SBS 22.72 2 years 27.06.2014 26.06.2016 RP067 Completed
66 Investigations on Strength and Volume Change Properties of Red Mud for its Effective Utilization in Geotechnical Applications DST Dr. B Hanumantha Rao SIF 24.22 3 years 15.07.2014 14.07.2017 RP066 Completed
65 Green Production of Hydrogen Storage Material from Natural Grade Iimenite DST Dr. Soobhankar Pati SMMME 21.90 3 years 03.07.2014 02.07.2017 RP065 Completed
64 Synthesis, Characterisation and development of red mud-fly ash based geopolymer concrete NALCO Dr. B Hanumantha Rao SIF 34.76 3 years 07.07.2014 06.07.2017 RP064 Completed
63 Understanding and characterisation of systematic erros in the WRF-ARW boundary layer parameterization over the Bhubaneswar and its neighbourhood regions ISRO Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik SEO&CS 17.98 3 years 07.07.2014 06.07.2017 RP063 Completed
62 Study on the development of ultra-sensitive optical fiber accelerometer based on Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) written Trapered Thin-Core Fiber RCI (DRDO) Dr. Rajan Jha SBS 9.91 3 years 07.05.2014 06.05.2017 RP062 Completed
61 Advanced modeling of tropical land-atmosphere-ocean system for simulation of extreme weather events IUSSTF Prof. U C Mohanty SEO&CS 33.83 2 years 10.05.2014 30.12.2017 RP061 Completed
60 Investigations of Aerosol Outflow from Indo Gangetic Plain ISRO Dr. V. Vinoj SEO&CS 81.50 3 years 25.03.2014 31.03.2020 RP060 On-going
59 Ommited values in complex dynamics DST Dr. Tarakanta Nayak SBS 13.44 3 years 20.03.2014 19.03.2017 RP059 Completed
58 Heterojunction white light emitting diodes based on metal oxides and their graphene oxide based hybdrids. DST Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout SBS 17.04 3 years 20.03.2014 19.03.2017 RP058 Completed
57 Ion bombardment on nano-structured metal oxides: study of structural, physical,optical and electronic properties DST Dr. Shyamal Chatterjee SBS 22.44 3 years 20.03.2014 19.03.2017 RP057 Completed
56 Establishment of swelling and cracking characteristics of expansive soils frm suction measurements CSIR Dr. B Hanumantha Rao SIF 26.22 3 years 08.08.2013 07.08.2016 RP056 Completed
55 Design, Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel Ftsz inhibitors a potential anti tubercular agents DBT Dr. S pal SBS 26.10 3 years 01.08.2013 01.08.2018 RP055 Completed
54 Improving groundwater levels and quality through enhanced water use efficiency in eastern Indian Agriculture ITRA Prof. R K Panda SIF 185.66 3.9 years 29.10.2013 31.12.2018 RP054 Completed
53 Flow field around group of submerged structures and its application to sediment transport DST Dr. Arindam Sarkar SIF 43.00 3 years 29.10.2013 28.04.2017 RP053 Completed
52 Investigation on the field and laboratory corrosion behaviour of steel in structural concretes DST Dr. Dinakar Pasla SIF 32.80 3 years 30.09.2013 29.09.2016 RP052 Completed
51 Lateral Variability in the distribution of arsenic in
agriculture fields and its mass balancing - A study
from west bengal
DST Dr. S H Farooq SEO&CS 11.16 3 years 14.09.2013 13.09.2016 RP051 Completed
50 Advanced in mesoscale assimilation system with non-conventional observations for improved simulation of land falling tropical cyclones and associated storm surges over Bay of Bengal DST Dr. Sujata Pattanayak SEO&CS 23.10 3 years 22.07.2013 21.07.2016 RP050 Completed
49 High Resolution regional coupled ocean-atmosphere modelling system for the prediction of intense vortices over the Indian Seas INCOIS Prof. U C Mohanty SEO&CS 117.24 5 years 25.07.2013 24.07.2018 RP049 Completed
48 Development and application of extended range forecast system for climate risk management in Agriculture phase II DAC Prof. U C Mohanty SEO&CS 345.00 5 years 01.07.2013 31.10.2018 RP048 Completed
47 Influence of osmolytes on the structure, dynamics and hydrogen bond properties of water in aquous solution and other aqueous binary mixtures at different thermodynamic conditions DST Dr. Snehasis Chowdhuri SBS 28.00 3 years 26.06.2013 25.06.2016 RP047 Completed
46 Re-Engineering of walking type reaper binder DA&FP Dr. Arun Ku Pradhan
Dr. Animesh Mandal
Dr. M K Pandit
SMS 29.65 2 years 17.06.2013 16.06.2015 RP046 Completed
45 Temperature control of electronic components using phase change material (PCM) based heat sinks. DST Dr. Prasenjit Rath
Dr. Mihir Ku Das
SMS 27.50 3 years 12.02.2013 11.02.2016 RP045 Completed
44 Analysis & Design of acoustic absorber linings for underwater application NPOL,
Dr. S N Panigrahi SMS 9.60 2 years 09.01.2013 08.01.2015 RP044 Completed
43 Novel Hypereute Al-si-mg alloys for automative applications DST Dr. Animesh Mandal SMMME 10.60 3 years 21.12.2012 20.12.2015 RP043 Completed
42 Investigation of cyclic behaviour of offshore wind turbine monopile foundation considering the effect of climate change DST Dr. Sumanta Haldar SIF 16.03 3 years 20.12.2012 19.12.2015 RP042 Completed
41 Impact Response and Damage Analysis of Advanced Composite sandwich Structures DST Dr. Mihir Ku Pandit SMS 15.84 3 years 21.12.2012 20.12.2015 RP041 Completed
40 Improved crack and Delamination growth resistance technology development for isotropic and FRP composite structural componenents DST Dr. Arun Ku Pradhan SMS 17.95 3 years 21.12.2012 20.12.2015 RP040 Completed
39 Control of Stand - Alone hybrid "Solar - Diesel Generator - Battery" power supply system DST Dr. C N Bhende SES 18.93 3 years 20.12.2012 19.12.2015 RP039 Completed
38 Fate of Microbial pathogens in existing wastewater Treatment Systems : Sand Filtration as a Polishing option for treated Effluent DST Dr. R R Dash SIF 13.00 3 years 21.12.2012 20.12.2015 RP038 Completed
37 Treatment of Textile Wastewater via Ultrasonication and Biological Anaerobio - Aerobio Treatment Route DST Dr. Puspendu Bhunia SIF 17.64 3 years 14.03.2013 14.01.2017 RP037 Completed
36 Enhancement of Bandwidth of planar Antennas using Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures DST Dr. Deblina Ghosh SES 4.44 3 years 17.12.2012 16.12.2015 RP036 Completed
35 Decoupled LTI and periodic compensation of Quadruple - Tank process: Experimental studies. DST Dr. Arun Ghosh SES 11.42 3 years 17.12.2012 16.12.2015 RP035 Completed
34 Development of Computational methods for stochastic models with markovian arrival / service process and their applications DST Dr. Abhijit Datta Banik SBS 12.24 3 years 13.05.2013 12.05.2016 RP034 Completed
33 Development of transition metal functionalized gold nanoparticles and their potential applications CSIR Dr. Srikant patra SBS 21.00 3 years 10.01.2013 09.01.2016 RP033 Completed
32 Synthesis and study of thermoelectric properties of Half - Heusler Alloys with non - trivial topological order BRNS Dr. Niharika
SBS 17.00 3 years 11.07.2012 10.07.2015 RP032 Completed
31 Solid Waste Management in Indian Cities:
Case study of Bhubaneswar city
ICSSR Dr. D Sahoo SHSS&M 7.20 2 years 06.09.2012 31.06.2015 RP031 Completed
30 CFD Modelling of 76mm Naval Gun Projectile
Motion in Aid of Range enhancement
DRDO Prof. S K Mohapatra SMS 50.00 2 years 11.04.2012 31.05.2015 RP030 Completed
29 Ommited values in complex dynamics DST Dr. Tarakanta Nayak SBS - - - - RP029 Cancelled
28 Role of A-site cation and disorder on magnetodielectric properties of double properties A2BB'O6 DST Dr. Niharika
SBS 17.04 3 years 26.06.2013 25.06.2016 RP028 Completed
27 Validity of Quasi - static Approximation in
Magneto hydrodynamic Flows and Heat
transfer - A numerical study.
CSIR Dr. T V S Sekhar SBS 9.52 3 years 09.11.2012 08.11.2015 RP027 Completed
26 Lateral Variability in the distribution of arsenic in
agriculture fields and its mass balancing - A study
from west bengal
DST Dr. S H Farooq SEO&CS - - - - RP026 Cancelled
25 Multi - Objective decision making tools for
environmental and regional planning
CSIR Dr. A K Ojha SBS 12.36 3 years 16.08.2012 15.08.2015 RP025 Completed
24 Role of C-terminal Region of Mycobacterium
Tuberculosis HSp 16.3 for its structure, stability
and Chaperone Function-A Biophysical and site
Directed Truncation Study
CSIR Dr. Ashish Biswas SBS 19.42 3 years 18.06.2012 18.06.2015 RP024 Completed
23 Asymmetric synthesis of embellished carbocycles from carbohydrates via intramolecular 1,3 Dipolar cyclloaddition reaction: studies towards total synthesis of naplanosine F. DST Dr. S Pal SBS 25.68 3 years 01.06.2012 31.05.2015 RP023 Completed
22 Characterization of granular Lateritic Soils for
Mechanistic Design of Payments
DST Dr. U C Sahoo SIF 16.56 3 years 22.05.2012 30.11.2015 RP022 Completed
21 Impact of joint forest management (JFM) on livelihood and stress migration in Odisha : A case Study ICSSR Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu SHSS&M 6.20 2 years 15.05.2012 14.05.2014 RP021 Completed
20 Performance studies of silicon Carbide X-Ray
Detector in High-Energy Neutron & Gamma
Radiation (ITER-Like) Environment
BRFS&T Dr. N V L Murty SES 59.80 3 years 04.05.2012 31.03.2016 RP020 Completed
19 Thematic patnership in Low carbon
materials technologies,inovation & application
UKIERI Prof. Chakrabarty SMMME 14.39 - 02.03.2012 - RP019 transferred to IIT KGP
18 Southampton & National Oceanography centre
IIT Bhubaneswar UMASS Dartmauth-
Earth, Ocean& climate Science
UKIERI Prof. S Tripathy SEO&CS 8.33 2 years 08.05.2012 31.12.2014 RP018 Completed
17 An integrated doctoral & masters programme UKIERI Prof. S. Tripathy SEO&CS 14.79 2 years 11.04.2012 31.12.2014 RP017 Completed
16 Design modification of maize sheller DA &FP Dr. A K Pradhan,
Dr. Animesh Mandal
& Dr. Mihir pandit
SMS 9.00 6 months 20.03.2012 19.09.2012 RP016 Completed
15 Intramolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of nitrile oxide to embellished bicyclo[2.2.2] octenones ant its derivatives: studies on the synthesis of isotwistane framework of pupukeananes Utkal
Dr. S pal SBS 1.80 3 years 01.05.2012 30.04.2015 RP015 Completed
14 Neutron Diffraction studies of fiels induced
magnetic transmission in Er5si3
UGC-DAE Dr. Niharika
SBS 3.60 3 years 16.05.2012 15.05.2015 RP014 Completed
13 Indigenous Development of Miniaturized table top surface plasmon resonance based fiber optic sensor DST
Dr. Rajan Jha SBS 41.37 2 years 19.03.2012 31.05.2015 RP013 Completed
12 Design and Development of Adaptive Distance Relay for Flexible AC-transmission systems DST Dr. S R Samantaray SES 18.90 3 years 07.03.2012 06.03.2015 RP012 Completed
11 Design and Development of an anti islanding protection relay for Distributed generations CPRI Dr. S R Samantaray SES 22.70 3 years 06.02.2012 05.02.2015 RP011 Completed
10 High-Dimentional (n x n) magnetic grids by polytopic ligand-directed self-assembly DST Dr. Akhilesh Ku Singh SBS 41.08 3 years 06.03.2012 05.03.2015 RP010 Completed
9 Design and Development of plasmonics based sensor for infrared region DST Dr. Rajan Jha SBS 18.70 3 years 15.04.2011 14.04.2014 RP009 Completed
8 Development of Metal-Heteroscorpionate Ligands Motif and their potential application DST Dr. Srikant Patra SBS 32.56 3 years 27.12.2010 31.07.2014 RP008 Completed
7 Hydraulics iof submerged structures subjected to shallow submergence DST
from Thapar
Dr. Arindam Sarkar SIF 12.24 3 years 06.09.2011 05.09.2014 RP007 Completed
6 Catalytic activity of endothelial nitric synthase-a probe into the molecular basis of its electron transfer limitation DST Dr. Ashish Biswas SBS 19.89 3 years 09.4.2010 08.04.2013 RP006 Completed
5 Structure and Dynamic if Ionic and Molecular
solutes in Queous and Non Aqueous Solvents
and in their Binary Mixture at Different
thermodynamic conditions: A molecular
Dynamics simulations study.
CSIR Dr. Snehasis Chowdhuri SBS 11.31 3 years 01.12.2009 30.11.2012 RP005 Completed
4 Robust Nonlinear Channel Equalization and
Indentification using Bio-inspired techniques.
DST Prof. Ganapati panda SES 20.24 2 years 03.09.2009 02.09.2011 RP004 Completed
3 National Knowledge Network (NKN) NKN Dr. P K Sahu SES 155.31 2 years 09.11.2009 08.11.2011 RP003 Completed
2 Simulation of conjugate heat transferPhenomena in Ultra- short laser tissue interaction DST Prof. S K Mohapatra SMS 14.29 3 years 05.08.2008 04.08.2011 RP002 Completed
1 Modification of Low Modules, titanium Aloys by addition of interstitial solutes and / or ceramic Materials for Biomedical aplications DRDO Prof. Madhusudhan
SMMME 14.96 3 years 22.06.2010 21.06.2013 RP001 Completed