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Preparedness against Corona Virus (Covid-19) at IIT Bhubaneswar

IIT Bhubaneswar as an institute under our honourable Director Sir, has been keeping a close watch on the current Corona Virus Pandemic from a very early stage. The following steps have been taken in this regard.

  • 1. On 5th March, that is much before it was declared as a state disaster, the institute organized an awareness program on Corona Virus infection. An informative lecture by Prof.(Dr.) B Mishra, Prof. & HoD ,Microbiology,AIIMS,was delivered on the subject followed by a Q&A session. The program was well attended by students, faculty and other employees.
  • 2. Informative mails and advisories are sent to all students and employees regularly starting from 4th March , to apprise them of Do’s and Don’ts regarding the Covid 19 issue.
  • 3. The travel advisories of Govt. of India were communicated to all through email.
  • 4. An Emergency Heads,Deans meeting chaired by the Honourable Director Sir was held on 14/03/2020 and the path forward for the Institute in term of prevention of COVID-19 was discussed and necessary steps to be taken was decided.
  • 5. The Medical Unit has been equipped with adequate number of masks as well as other PPEs for healthcare personnel.
  • 6. Various equipment like Thermal screening scanners, fumigation apparatus etc have been procured on priority basis to deal with the current situation as well as any future eventuality.
  • 7. As part of ‘Information, Education, Counselling’ strategy informative posters including that of guidelines issued by Govt. of India have been widely circulated and also displayed in Hostels, Quarters and other areas.
  • 8. The Medical Unit is examining and counselling all students with travel history outside the state that are being sent to the Medical Unit . Their travel history is also documented in a special register. The travel history for the last 2 weeks of all patients presenting are also maintained.
  • 9. A screening mechanism of persons entering the institute campus has been put in place. All persons with significant travel history are screened, their travel history documented . They are then appropriately counselled and sent to Medical Unit if need be. For this purpose, the security personnel at the main gate have been equipped with Thermal Scanners as well as masks.
  • 10. The Medical Unit Helpline 06747139200 & 7064419568 is running 24*7 to answer any queries and give guidance to all students and employees of the institute.
  • 11. Any Govt. guideline / orders received in future in this regard will be shared with all concerned
  • 12. Biometric attendance has been put in abeyance.