Emergency Contact: 0674-7139200




Dr. Naba Kishore Patnaik
Tel: +91-7008247023
Email: nkpatnaik@iitbbs.ac.in
Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Khan
Tel: 9437310576
Email: mansoor@iitbbs.ac.in

Officer Dr. Shyama Prasad Mishra
Resident Doctor (On Contract)
Officer Dr.Abhimanyu Raju S.R.
Medical Officer (Resident)

Officer Dr.Rishi Mishra
Medical Officer (Resident)
Email: rishimishra@iitbbs.ac.in
Officer Dr.Anu Bansal
Doctor (On Contract)



Healthcare Facilities

24 Hours Doctor Service 24 Hours Ambulance Service 24 Hours Staff Nurses
Life-Saving Drugs 24 Hours Pharmacy High Quality Folding Hospital Beds
Multi-lead ECG Machine Multiparameter Monitor Nebulizer Machine
Wheel Chairs

Duty roster of doctors in dispensary (w.e.f. 06th March 2023 to 31st March 2023)

दिनांक/DATE सुबह ९ से दोपहर ३ बजे तक 9AM–3PM दोपहर ३ से रात ९ बजे तक 3PM-9PM रात ९ बजे से सुबह ९ बजे तक 9PM–9AM
सोमवार / MONDAY डॉ.एस.पी.मिश्रा/ Dr.S.P.Mishra
डॉ.एन.के.पटनायक/Dr.N.K Patnaik
डॉ.एस.पी.मिश्रा/ Dr.S.P.Mishra
डॉ.एन.के.पटनायक/ Dr.N.K Patnaik
मंगलवार /TUESDAY डॉ.एस.पी.मिश्रा/ Dr.S.P.Mishra
डॉ. ऋषि मिश्र/  Dr Rishi Mishra
डॉ. ऋषि मिश्र/ Dr Rishi Mishra
बुधवार / WEDNESDAY डॉ.ए.राजू/ Dr.A.Raju डॉ.एन.के.पटनायक/ Dr.N.K Patnaik डॉ.एन.के.पटनायक/ Dr.N.K Patnaik
गुरूवार / THURSDAY डॉ.एन.के.पटनायक/ Dr.N.K Patnaik
डॉ. एम.ए. खान/ Dr.M.A.Khan
डॉ. ऋषि मिश्र/ Dr Rishi Mishra
डॉ. एम.ए. खान/ Dr. M.A.Khan
शुक्रवार / FRIDAY डॉ.एस.पी.मिश्रा/ Dr.S.P.Mishra
डॉ.ए.राजू/ Dr.A.Raju
डॉ. ऋषि मिश्र/ Dr Rishi Mishra
डॉ.ए.राजू/ Dr.A.Raju
शनिवार/ SATURDAY डॉ. ऋषि मिश्र/ Dr Rishi Mishra/ डॉ.एस.पी.मिश्रा/ Dr.S.P.Mishra डॉ.एस.पी.मिश्रा/ Dr.S.P.Mishra
रविवार/ SUNDAY डॉ. ऋषि मिश्र/ Dr Rishi Mishra डॉ.ए.राजू/ Dr.A.Raju डॉ.ए.राजू/ Dr.A.Raju

*The roster will change every month

डॉ. एम.ए. खान/ Dr.M.A.Khan
सोमवार / मंगलवार /बुधवार / : सुबह 9 बजे से शाम 5 बजे तक 9AM–5PM / MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY: 9AM–5PM

डॉ. अनु बंसल / Dr.Anu Bansal
सोमवार से शुक्रवार: सुबह 9 बजे से शाम 5 बजे तक 9AM–5PM/MONDAY TO FRIDAY FROM 9AM TO 5PM

During any problem or discrepancy in our empanelled hospital,all facultly, officers, staff and students are requested to contact the Medical unit- 06747139200