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One day Workshop on Training of Masons

On  28.3.17,  ICI Bhubaneswar Centre conducted  a one day workshop on training 36 nos. top level masons from the Odisha State at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneswar.  The workshop was conducted jointly with School of Infrastructure Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Bhubaneswar, Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) Bhubaneswar Centre.  The workshop was sponsored by UltraTech cements. 

Head of School of Infrastructure Prof R K Panda inaugurated the workshop and emphasized the need and the importance of Skill Building of Masons and their role in building the nation for arriving quality structures.  Dr. Dinakar Pasla, Associate Professor IIT Bhubaneswar (ICI Chairman Bhubaneswar Centre) also explained briefly about Concrete and use in coastal climates and Santanu Adhikari (ICI secretary & Regional Head-UltraTech) trained them on concrete and repairs. The faculties of SIF also demonstrated testing of concrete & equipment in the Concrete Technology Laboratory. 

The Masons have got hands on experience in getting an exposure in such a workshop  and agreed that this has enriched their job knowledge which will enable them building better construction.  This was a social responsibility initiative towards building a strong nation through better construction.