On Covid-free status of IIT Bhubaneswar (26th March 2021)

IIT Bhubaneswar nurtures preservation of academic life despite the pandemic prevailing around by maintaining safe measures to the entire Fraternity. The Institute has invited students also to the campus to have hands-on experimentation with the practical classes, while the regular teaching is going through the online process. The students are being brought to the Campus in phase-wise process and so far we have about 50% of senior undergraduate and postgraduate students on campus with 100% of Research students.

So far the campus has been COVID free!
(Except for a few cases reported during the month of September, 2020).

The Institute follows a protocol of permitting the students to report with RT-PCR COVID negative while entering the campus. In view of the rising cases across the country, it is anticipated that a few of the students may be Covid positive upon arrival, and hence the students are quarantined in isolation for 15 days without mixing with the mainstream. As anticipated, amongst those arrived during 20-22 March, three of them have been found positive, possibly infected not maintaining the protocols of the requisite COVID norms and the institute has further isolated them and taking care off them with a religious follow up of the Covid protocols.

The institute hopes its Covid FREE status in full with the cooperation of the fraternity in maintaining the protocols, while continuing all the general aspects of continuing the academic activities.