Photo of Vasudeva Rao Allu
Associate Professor
School of Basic Sciences
Office : School of Basic Sciences, Room No:125
Phone : +91-674-7135120
Email :, alluvasudevarao(AT)gmail(DOT)com
 Degree Discipline Year School
 Post Doctoral Fellow Mathematics 2011 Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
 Ph.D. Mathematics 2010 Indian Institute of Technology Madras
 M.Sc. Mathematics 2002 University Of Hyderabad
Research Interests

Complex Analysis; Geometric Function Theory; Harmonic Mappings in the Plane.

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Spring-2020: Mathematics-II (MA1L002), Advanced Complex Analysis (MA7L003); Autumn-2019: Mathematics-I (MA1L001), Differential Geometry (MA5L022); Summer Quarter: Transform Calculus (MA2L005); Spring-2019: Mathematics-II (MA1L002), Measure Theory and Integration (MA5L014); Previous Teaching: Mathematics-I (MAL101), Mathematics-II (MA10002), Transform Calculus (MA20101), Linear Algebra (MA20105), Linear Algebra (MA41003/MA30003), Real Analysis (MA31005/MA20012), Complex Analysis (MA41006), Advanced Complex Analysis (MA31002), Modern Algebra (MA30002/MA41002), Approximation Theory (MA61049), Measure Theory and Integration (MA51002), Theory of Operators (MA61032)