School of Infrastructure

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

Geotechnical laboratory of school of infrastructure houses basic amentias for conducting UG and PG laboratory. Experimental facilities housed in the lab are

  • Specific gravity apparatus
  • Dry and sedimentation analysis
  • Standard, modified, auto and mini compaction device
  • Consolidometers
  • Direct shear apparatus
  • Triaxial set up
  • Soil and rock pulverizer
  • Constant and falling head permeameter
  • Relative density apparatus
  • UCS apparatus
  • CBR apparatus

The laboratory is also equipped with state-of-the-art research instruments. The instrumentation facilities available in the lab are:

Triaxial System coupled with Flexible Wall Permeameter: useful for determining the hydraulic conductivity, shear strength characteristics, soil-contaminant interaction studies, volume change behavior of soils

Zeta Potential cum Particle Size Analyzer: measures zeta potential ranging from ±200 mV; determines particle size range from 0.3 nm to 5 mm;electrophoresis, Ionic mobility, etc

Thermal Imaging Camera:


Impedance Analyzer:frequency-0.3 mHz to 40 MHz; can be used for determining the electrical properties of soil and geomaterials, for modeling flow of AC current in soils, for characterizing the contaminated soils, etc.

Dew Point Potentiameter, WP4: Useful for measuring the soil suction up to 300 MP; useful to establish water retention properties (SWCC) of a soil, waste or agricultural materials