School of Infrastructure

Structural Engineering Laboratory

The structural engineering laboratory of the school of infrastructure is equipped with all necessary equipment for UG and PG teaching and Research. The major facility the laboratory offers include.

Uniaxial Shaking Table

Electrodynamic Shaker
Pay Load = 1 Ton  

Subsonic wind tunnel

Multi tube manometer (C2-13)
Pitot static tube(C2-16)

60 Ton Universal Testing Machine 

Closed Loop Control 
Flat Grips and  Vee Grips with inserts
Compression Testing fixture 
Flexure Tool - 30" span, 6" wide
Horizon Software Package with Dongle


Vibration Fundamentals Training Systems

Modules for
SDOF and MDOF Tests
Torsional Vibration Test
Damping Test
Beam Vibration Test