Message from Prof R V Raja Kumar, Director
7th Nov 2020

DirectorDear fresher,

I believe that taking admission into an IIT is the first step towards fulfilment of your career dreams, I congratulate you for your success at JEE – 2020(Adv), one of the toughest and most competitive examinations in the world and for securing a place at IIT Bhubaneswar. Now, at this institute, you have a wide scope for gathering the best of the knowledge of your choice and acquire analytical skills during your studies.

As you may be aware, IIT Bhubaneswar gives a lot of importance to education, offers the best of education and opportunities for the all-round development of its students. The institute has been offering non-compromising education including holding comprehensive examination by online to its students, even during the pandemic, a small reflection of the same can also be had from the following links: Click Here

As a result of the associated rising of standards, competition for admissions into the institute is phenomenally rising in terms of opening and closing ranks of admissions. In view of the rising quality of education and due to the Career Development Cell of the institute working closely with many top notch industries and best of the organizations, the placements are already better than some the senior IIT’s.

The campus is fast growing with excellent and global class infrastructure, clean, green and wellness campus with excellent hostel facilities and play fields which are likely to be completed within a few months. The campus atmosphere is creative, vibrant and positive. Possibly the campus is already the best amongst the IIT’s and other sister institutions, a glimpse of which can be had at the aerial campus tour given below: Click Here

The proactive student gymkhana gives the students the best of opportunities to excel in chosen extra-curricular activities and build your personalities. The holistic education of the institute also gives you the opportunity to strengthen physical and mental wellbeing.

Due to the current pandemic, we have some strict guidelines to follow including those put forward very meaningfully by the government, and the institute is not able to bring its fresh students to the campus for classes at the present moment. In its endeavour to have the education run timely for its students, the institute will be admitting the students virtually and conducting autumn semester classes of 2020-21, by live streaming of classes as per the time table from the 19th this month. As soon as the situation permits, the students will be brought to the campus and education will continue in normal mode. The students are also expected to be ready to join at the campus at short notice as and when the institute notify accordingly.

The institute has decided that your education for the 1st year BTech too will be imparted in full with no shortening of lectures and no cramping of time to maintain learning by students at a proper pace avoiding associated stresses. Though initially the lectures will be happening by live streaming of classes, the faculty of IIT Bhubaneswar is aware of the challenges it offers and they have been trying to offer education and the interaction almost at normal standards which are best amongst the sister institutions, during the pandemic. I would like to personally advise every one of you to be aware of the inherent challenges faced in online education poses, see that you have a good internet connection, concentrate well and do your best in taking the education to empower yourself in the best possible way. The institute is determined to also give you a partial laboratory practice to you by online alongside the theory classes for completeness of education. You will have hands on training in the laboratories after you come back to the campus.

Congratulations once again, I look forward to seeing you in the campus, as soon as possible and hope that you would make the best use of the education opportunity to shape up yourself !

With best wishes,
Prof R V Raja Kumar
Director, IIT Bhubaneswar