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School of Electrical Sciences


The mission of the School of Electrical Sciences is to shape graduates into hardcore professionals who would become effective leaders and noteworthy innovators in the technology areas of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering. While producing competent professionals and responsible citizens, it is also our endeavour to ensure that our graduates adhere to ethical values in life and be sensitive to environmental and social issues. It is also part of our mission to motivate and encourage our students to engage in lifelong learning which would help them keep abreast with contemporary developments in their fields of operation and enable them to leverage on the power of knowledge to become outstanding performers in whatever careers they choose.


The School of Electrical Sciences is envisioned to be in the vanguard of learning and research activities to be undertaken by IIT Bhubaneswar and would be providing the expertise and environment to mould high quality professionals and technology leaders in the broad areas of Electrical Engineering. It aims to offer world class undergraduate, graduate and research programs in cutting-edge technology of Electrical Engineering to equip talented minds to scale new professional heights.

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