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Institute Seminar on Some Perspectives on I N D I A (Innovation, Natural resources, Demography, Inclusion and Agriculture)

Topic: Some Perspectives on I N D I A (Innovation, Natural resources, Demography, Inclusion and Agriculture)
Speaker: Mr. Harun Rashid Khan, (Retd. Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India)
Venue: Community Center, Argul campus, IIT Bhubaneswar
Date/Time: 13th October 2017 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM

Abstact of the Talk:

As we race to the 75th anniversary of our independence the debate on our emerging profile and not so perfect performance in relation to the promise and the potential has assumed critical importance. Quarter after quarter and year after year headline GDP trajectory does not tell the full story of where we stand today and how the future will unfold in quest of our ambitions and aspirations of an economically strong and sustainable nation. The talk will highlight the importance of paying attention to  five key elements encapsulated in the acronym INDIA : I ( Innovation ), N (Natural Resources ), D (Demography ), I (Inclusion ) and A (Agriculture ) while being conscious that there other thrust areas beyond this list, for example, Manufacturing, Urbanization, Services and Technology ( MUST). It will briefly dwell on why and how we should refocus on:

(1)         Innovations involving new technologies, products, and services as well as  processes and business models as the  key to rapid economic growth and radical  improvement in standard of living of the people
(2)        Efficient and conscientious management of natural resources for sustainable growth with intergenerational equity
(3)        Developing and leveraging human capital to reap the demographic dividend by overcoming “ jobless” growth and realigning with the imperatives of the  Fourth Industrial Revolution encompassing AI, Internet of Things, advanced Robotics and sophisticated Data Analytics
(4)        Conceptualizing and  realizing an inclusive India that provides easy access to equitable opportunities to all  for participation in economic growth and
(5)        Addressing the agricultural distress in a holistic manner to make the sector on which nearly half the population depends less vulnerable and more vibrant


Harun Rashid Khan has been with KPMG since November 2016 as a Senior Advisor. He retired as the senior most Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in July 2016 after nearly 38 years of service with the Central Bank of the country. Currently he is also the non-executive Chairman of the National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited (NSCCL). At RBI he had handled diverse areas and spearheaded major projects relating to financial markets, foreign exchange management, external investments, banking regulation and supervision, payment and settlement systems and financial inclusion. Important committees he had chaired include the Committee  the Rural Credit and Micro finance  which focused on expansion of banking network through business correspondents with usage of ICT  and recently the inter regulatory  Working Group which made several important recommendations for development of the Corporate Debt Market in India. He was also the member of the Committee on Digital Payments set up by the Government of India. Mr. Khan had represented RBI/ the country in high level international groups including the Committee on Global Financial System (CGFS) of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). His areas of interest include macroeconomic perspectives including central banking and external sector issues, financial markets and institutions regulation and development including economic and financial inclusion, agriculture agenda for India, democracy, development and diversity of India and society, economy and technology.