Minor Programme
As per the approval and considering the class room availability and timetable suitability, the following modalities are proposed to be offered to obtain a Minor Degree to B. Tech and Dual Degree students (beginning of the third semester) from the academic year 2023-24.
Minor in Financial Economics
Modalities of Minor Programme in a Discipline
  1. 1. Students aspiring for a Minor in a discipline must register for the same in the beginning of the 3 rd semester. Students without any backlog will be permitted to register.
  2. 2. The total number of seats in the Minor programme is 30. Students obtaining a Minimum CGPA of 7.5 at the end of the 2 nd Semester are eligible to apply for the Minor programme.
  3. 3. The allotment will be based on the CGPA inter-se merit of students applied for the Minor programme.
  4. 4. Subjects under the minor programme are fixed with a credit range of 18-24 and 2-6 for laboratory course.
  5. 5. A student may cover these subjects (Annexure I for Financial Economics) as either a depth subject, an elective subject, or a breadth subject or as additional credits. However, he/she has to take at least three subjects as additional credits to earn a Minor.
  6. 6. A student will be allowed to register for the dissertation after passing all the theory subjects only.
  7. 7. A student registered for a Minor programme must register and pass all the subjects that constitute the requirement for a minor and score a minimum grade point average of 6.00 to be awarded a Minor in that programme.
  8. 8. There should not be any backlog in the subjects registered for the Major and Minor programmes throughout the B.Tech & Dual Degree programme for the continuation of the minor programme. Otherwise, the registration of the minor programme will be cancelled automatically.
  9. 9. Students enrolled in the Dual Degree programme are permitted to pursue minor in other discipline up to their 10 th Semester, while B.Tech students should complete the minor requirements by 8 th semester.
  10. 10. The Students have to apply online in the ERP portal and be duly recommended by the Faculty Adviser.