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School of Minerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Minerals Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Research Areas M.S & Ph.D.
Physical Metallurgy
Aluminium-based alloys and composites, Recycling of aluminium alloys, Semisolid metal processing, Processing, Characterization and Modelling of High Entropy Alloys; Light weight High Entropy Alloys; Metal - Metal composites; Specialty alloys for marine applications; Coatings for technological applications, Corrosion of advanced materials, Recrystallization behaviour and grain boundary engineering, High entropy alloy thin films, Yttria stabilised zirconia - CNT/graphene composites  
Energy and functional materials
Photovoltaics with oxide perovskites and double-perovskites; Piezoelectric-polymer composites for energy harvesting; Materials for metal-ion batteries; Hydrogen storage materials; Energy materials, Batteries, Eletro-spraying, Multi-ferroic oxide solar cells and Conventional solar cells. Ab-initio studies in functional and energy materials, Thermoelectric materials (Inorganic and Organic) development, Thermal and electrical transport of thermoelectric materials, contact engineering of thermoelectric devices; bulk and flexible thermoelectric devices fabrication for energy harvesting, Biocomposites  
Materials processing
Process metallurgy, Iron and Steel Making, Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy, Friction Stir Welding, Additive Manufacturing, Hydrogen based alternative ironmaking processes; Powder metallurgy of nanocrystalline materials, Surface engineering; Stainless steel and Ferroalloy Production, Hybrid joining;  
Mechanical metallurgy
Severe plastic deformation of light metals and alloys, Strain-rate sensitivity in metals and alloys, Superplasticity, Virtual characterization using crystal plasticity based finite element modelling; Tribology of aluminium alloys; Mesoscale experimental mechanics; Creep and fatigue of advanced materials  
Modelling, Simulation, Process control and Automation
Phase-field modelling of microstructural evolution; Computational thermodynamics (CALPHAD); Chaos analysis of dynamical systems; Kinetic and thermodynamic modeling of extractive Metallurgical processes; Process Optimization, Chaos control and dynamic process control, Nonlinear dynamical systems; Forming limit diagram prediction using crystal plasticity, Damage modelling using bond based theory in amorphous materials; Failure modelling in Al alloys using nano-void theory, Air dispersion modelling. Control in iron and steelmaking; Application of AI techniques; Coupled FEM-DEM modelling, First-principles density functional theory calculations, Molecular dynamics simulations