School of Basic Sciences


Workshops and Conferences

  • Mini Mathematics Training and Talent Search Programme, December 9-21, 2013, Convenor: Dr. S. Barik and Dr. TVS Sekhar
  • Queueing Theory and Optimization:Computational Aspects and Application, March 5, 2015, Convenor: Dr. A.D. Banik
  • Belle Analysis Workshop, December 13-21, 2015, Convenor: Dr. S. Bahinipati
  • Fun with Lights, August 4, 2016, (for High School Students), Convenor: Dr. R. Jha


S.N Title Date
1 On the role of optimization in computational and applied mathematics by Profesor Luis Melara from Shipenberg University, USA  2016-03-16
2 Experiments with Entangled Photons by Prof. H.S. Mani (CMI, Chennai)) 2016-04-04
3 Nanoscale electronics and mechanics with graphene, Prof. MandarDeshmukh (TIFR, Mumbai) 2016-03-28
4 Dynamical Analysis of Cluster-Molecule Reactivity, Prof. Julius Jellinek (ANL, Argonne, IL, USA) 2016-03-21
5 100 years of superconductivity and new excitements, Prof. Tanmoy Das (IISc, Bangalore) 2016-02-23
6 Thermoelectricity, History, Renaissance, Advances and Challenges, Prof. S. D. Mahanti (Michigan State University, USA) 2016-02-08
7 Chemistry and Physics of Correlated Electrons, Prof. S. Ramasesha (Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, IISc, Bangalore) 2016-01-21
8 Enantiodiscrimination by Single and Multiple Quantum NMR and New Techniques to Push the Limits of NMR Sensitivity, Prof. N. Suryaprakash from NMR Research Center, IISc Bangalore 2015-12-08
9 New Form of Matter: De-confined state of Quarks and Gluons, Prof. BedangadasMohanty (NISER, Bhubaneswar) 2015-11-13
10 An Overture for String Theory, Prof. Koushik Ray (IACS, Kolkata) 2015-11-06
11 Space-time and Non-Commutative Geometry,Prof. A. P. Balachandran (Syracuse University, NY, USA) 2015-10-01
12 Unfolding of length scales in a virus life-cycle, Prof. Somen Bhattacharjee (RKMVU, Belur and Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar 2015-09-07
13 MADHYAM MARG by Professor Gokulananda Das, retired Professor (Department of Mathematics), and ex-vice chancellor Utkal University, Bhubaneswar 2016-04-19