School of Mechanical Sciences

Mechanical Research Areas M.S, Ph.D.

Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Large Eddy Simulation, Fluid-structure interaction, Aero and hydrodynamic propulsion, Heat Transfer, Inverse Heat Transfer, Two-Phase Heat Transfer, Bio-Heat Transfer, Thermal System Optimization, Radiation Heat Transfer in Participating Medium, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Thermal energy storage system, modeling of cryopreservation, Atmospheric Radiation, Remote Sensing, Electronics cooling and Thermal Management, Aerodynamics Flow Control, Flapping wings, Wind Turbine, Experimental Combustion, Energy Systems, Sustainable Fuels, Reacting & Non-Reacting Flow Diagnostics, Combustion Modelling.

Acoustics, Composite Materials, Sandwich Structures, Fracture Mechanics, Smart Composite Structures, Vibration, Solid Mechanics, Robotics, Biologically inspired robotics, Human assistive devices, Industrial Noise Control, Condition Monitoring, Multiscale methods for Fracture, Molecular Dynamics; Fracture in Multiphysics problems; structural dynamics, Non-linear elasticity, Mechanics of inflatable structures, Experimental modal analysis, Sensors, Discrete Element Modelling; Deformable granular materials; Discrete model for shape memory alloy, Biomedical image processing using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Autonomous underwater navigation and structural health monitoring using computer vision 

Conventional Machining, Modelling & Simulation of Machining Processes, Sustainable Machining, Machining of Super alloys, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Cellular Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering, Laser Material Processing, Laser-based additive manufacturing/cladding, Pulse Heat Transfer in Manufacturing Analysis, Non-conventional Machining, Hybrid machining techniques, Machining of ceramic and hard materials, Surface texturing, Micro-machining and Tribology. Dissimilar high-strength alloy welding, Hot wire TIG welding of superalloys, Modelling of arc welding processes, residual stress and distortion control in welded structures, TIG cladding and laser treatment for cutting tool life enhancement, Residual stress control in multi-metallic wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), LVOF and HVOF based TBC and wear resistance coating, Modelling, and Friction stir welding (FSW) of Al and Mg alloys, FSW tool design, residual stress control in friction stir welded joints, investment casting of high-temperature alloys, manufacturability and synthesis of in-situ MMC of Al and Mg alloys, 
Incremental forming of hard metals, Post-processing of 3D-printed parts, Electrochemical 3D Printing (EC3DP), Metal Forming, Plasticity, Mechanical behavior of Materials.