School of Mechanical Sciences

Laboratory Facilities

School has well equipped laboratories along with a high-end computational laboratory with 30 workstations served by an 18 blade server:

  • Material Testing Laboratory
  • Machine & Mechanism Laboratory
  • CAD/CAM/CAE Laboratory
  • Machine Tools & Machining Laboratory
  • CWF Laboratory
  • Advanced Product Development Laboratory
  • Sense & Process Laboratory
  • Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics Laboratory
  • IC Engine Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Micro & Nanoscale Transport Phenomena Laboratory
  • Applied -Thermofluid Laboratory
  • Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Metrology Laboratory
Laboratory Name Major Equipment
Materials Testing Laboratory

Hardness Testing Machines: Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Spring Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Rotary Bend Fatigue Testing Machine, Erichsen Cupping Test Machine, Photo-elastic Bench

Machine and Mechanism Laboratory

Static and Dynamic Balancing, Whirling of Shaft, Gyroscope, Governor, Anti-Friction Bearing, Hydrodynamic Lubrication, Basic Kinematics Demonstrations – Gears, Linkages, Mechanism, Inversion, Differential, Universal Vibration Apparatus.

CAD/CAM/CAE Laboratory

Work Station for CADLAB, UPS for CADLAB, Electrification of CADLAB, Work Station for CADLAB, Blade Server, ANSYS Software (25users), ANSYS Software (75users), PRO Engg. Software, Hyper Works Software, Scanner & Plotter for CADLAB, UPS for CADLAB, MSC Software bundle, PBS Pro, Tech Plot 360, CATIA, DELMIA, SmartTeam.

Machine Tools & Machining Laboratory

Wire cut EDM, Ultrasonic drilling cum milling machine, CNC vertical milling center, Master gear hobbling, radial drilling machine, Industrial grinder, Lathe machine,  Milling machine, Hydraulic surface grinder

CWF Laboratory

TIG & MIG welding, General purpose belt grinder & surface polisher, Hydraulic specimen mounting press, Induction furnace, Resistance furnace, Foundry equipment & Machinery, Muffle furnace.

Advanced Product Development Laboratory

Fused Deposition Method based Rapid Prototyping Production system, Optical Three Dimensional (3D) Profiler System

Sense & Process Laboratory

Sound Impedance Tube, Handheld Sound Analyzer, DAQ Boards & PXI Chassis, Compact CRIO DAQ system

Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

Surface roughness Tester, Profile projector, Grinders, Laser based Micro-machining Workstation.

Heat Transfer Laboratory

Concentric Tube heat exchanger Unit, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Unit, Combined Free and Forced Convection and Radiation Heat Transfer Unit, Radiation Errors in Temperature Measurement, Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit, Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit, Mach– Zehnder Interferometer setup, Linear and Radial Heat Conduction Unit, Radiation Heat Transfer Unit, Combined Cycle Refrigeration Unit with Cycle Inversion Valve, Extended Surface Heat Transfer Unit.

IC Engine Laboratory

Variable Compression Ratio Engine, Axial Flow Gas Turbine Unit, Flame Propagation & Stability Unit, Nexa Fuel Cell Training System.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Experimental set ups for measurement of fluid viscosity, flow measurement, major and minor losses, forces on immersed bodies, flow visualization (All experimental set ups are developed by U.G. students of IIT Bhubaneswar) 

Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics Lab

Stewart Platform, Humanoid robot platforms (Bioloid and Lamark), Manipulator arm, Hexapod robot, four wheeled robots, Table top CNC Milling and Turning machines