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CPDA Guidelines

CPDA Guidelines

((No individual maximum limit of contingency and conference but the total amount of expenditure under CPDA should not exceed the available funds for a block period)


Contingency (Total expenditure towards conference and contingency should not exceed the available funds for a block period)

(i) *Academic/research books/e-books/e-journals/ books for popular reading section in Central Library
(ii) Memberships of professional societies
(iii) Software/Cloud storage/Computer peripherals and accessories, projector, and printers /Laboratory consumables/Laboratory usage charges or Specimen testing charges (if the facility is not available in the Institute)/ minor repairs and maintenance of existing equipment/ Fabrication cost related student projects.
(iv) **Publication charges/Journal over-length page charges/Journal subscription charges/Purchase of journal article Production charges for cover image/
Proofreading charges
(v) Patent Application charges
(vi) Telephone charges as per Institute Norms
*Books/e-books costing less than 10,000 can be retained by faculty. Books/e-books costing 10,000 and above will need to be entered in the Central Library collection.
However, they can be retained at 5% purchase value.
**Only for the high-quality research publications (Journals/conferences). Quality will be decided (to be decided by the school in a calendar year) on considering the ranking or impact factor (Thomson Reuters) of the journal, journals of reputed professional societies AICHE, ASME, ASCE, IEEE, or a ranking of the journals/conferences accepted widely by the peer group.

Conferences (Total expenditure

towards conference and contingency should not exceed the available funds for a block period)

(A) ***National/International conference travel support/Field trips/Visits for data collection

i)   Oral or poster presentation (in case of multiple authorship, only one of the authors can avail the facility from the CPDA). In the event of attending a conference without paper presentation or visiting an Institute, suitable justification and evidence in terms of collaboration, research and scientific exchanges and discussions are to be furnished.

ii) Chairing a session

iii) Delivering an invited talk

iv)  Acting as a resource person

(B) Registration fee for Short-term courses / Conference / Workshop / Tutorial / Training Programs

(C) Visits for collaborative research programs in India and abroad including visits to the partner Universities having MoU with lIT Bhubaneswar.

***Travel support for attending National/ International conferences is admissible to a co- author (a faculty of IIT Bhubaneswar). Field trips/ Visits for data collection will also be admissible for the faculty and the students supervised by the faculty.


General Terms and Conditions:

(i) In order to avail the CPDA, a faculty member would be required to have at least three publications in the preceding three years from the date of application as a one-time requirement for the entire block period. Publications of research work in peer-reviewed SCI – journals, peer-reviewed Proceedings of Conferences, Books (authored or edited), and Book Chapters will be considered. Granted Patents will be considered equivalent to Publication.

(ii) After availing grant from the CPDA for participation in Conferences / Seminar/ Symposia / School / Workshop/Training Programs, the employee shall be required to present such papers/talks, etc. before the faculty members of the concerned School/Academic Unit and intimation regarding the compliance of the same be sent to Dean (FA) through the Head of the concerned School/Academic Unit.

(iii) In the event, the grant is being utilized for initiation of the research program, collaborations, etc. in India and/or abroad; a report on the progress towards such activities needs to be submitted to the Dean (FA) through the Head of the concerned School/Academic Unit. This reporting will be taken into consideration for future support under collaborative research.

(iv) The entitlement of faculty joining or superannuating/ leaving the Institute during the middle of a block period shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis based on completed months of service during the block year period a faculty has rendered or is likely to render. Any excess payment shall be subject to recovery.

(v) The amount remaining unutilized at the end of a calendar year within the block period shall be carried forward to the next calendar year. Unutilized CPDA of one block will be carried forward to the next block.

(vi) Faculty members availing CPDA for attending Conferences / Seminars / Symposium / School / Workshop during vacation can also avail up to a maximum of 2 weeks of vacation leave before or after the conference for other academic purposes with the approval of the Competent Authority.

(vii) Faculty members will maintain a stock register for items falling under the head of contingent expenses.

(viii) CPDA will not be admissible during the period of Sabbatical/Faculty Exchange Programme.

(ix) Consumables and non-consumables purchased from the CPDA will be approved by the HOS and will be entered in departmental CPDA (consumable and non-consumable) stock registers.

(x) Travel support from CPDA will be approved by Dean (FA), except for foreign travels without paper presentation, in which case approval of the Director will be sought.

Note: Any other academic activity, which is not included above, may be considered by the Director on the recommendation of Head of School and Dean of Faculty Affairs for approval as a special case.
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