IIT Bhubaneswar

B.Sc.- B.Ed. Physics

Semester-Wise Curriculum Structure: Physics
(Credit Structure: Total Credit- 160, Discipline Major – 64, Minor – 21)
Semester 1
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Language 1 (as per the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India): SanskritHS1L0053-1-04 
2Understanding India (Indian Ethos and Knowledge Systems)HS1L0062-0-02 
3Evolution of Indian EducationHS1L0033-1-04 
4Mechanics, Waves and OscillationsPH1L3013-0-03Core/Discipline Course
5Physics Lab I (Mechanics, waves, and Oscillations)PH1P3010-0-32Core/Discipline Course
6Art (Performing and Visual) & Creative ExpressionsHS1L0040-0-32 
Total   17 
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Mechanics, Waves and OscillationsPH1L3013-0-03 
2Physics Lab I (Mechanics, waves, and Oscillations)PH1P3010-0-32 
Total   5 
Semester 2     
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Language 2 (Other than L1): English for Communication/Learning EnglishHS1L001/HS1L0023-1-04 
2Understanding India (Indian Ethos and Knowledge Systems)HS1L0072-0-02 
3Teacher and SocietyED1L0012-0-02 
4Electricity, and MagnetismPH1L3023-0-03Core/Discipline Course
5Mathematical Physics IPH1L3033-0-03Core/Discipline Course
6Basic Electronics (+Electronics Lab)PH1L3043-0-24Core/Discipline Course
Total   18 
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Electricity, and MagnetismPH1L3023-0-03 
2Mathematical Physics IPH1L3033-0-03 
Total   6 
Semester 3     
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Child Development and Educational PsychologyHS2L0113-1-04 
3Electromagnetic waves and OpticsPH2L3013-0-03Core/Discipline Course
4Quantum Physics IPH2L3023-0-03Core/Discipline Course
5Physics Lab II (Optics and Modern Physics)PH2P3010-0-64Core/Discipline Course
Total   18 
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Electromagnetic waves and Optics (Optics Lab)PH2L3013-0-03 
2Quantum Physics IPH2L3023-0-03 
Total   6 
Semester 4     
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Philosophical & Sociological Perspectives of Education -IHS2L0123-1-04 
3Thermal PhysicsPH2L3033-1-04Core/Discipline Course
4Computational PhysicsPH2L3042-2-04Core/Discipline Course
5Classical MechanicsPH2L3053-0-03Core/Discipline Course
Total Credits   19 
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1 Thermal PhysicsPH2L3033-1-04 
Total   4 
Semester 5     
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1ICT in EducationED3L0012-0-02 
3Condensed Matter PhysicsPH3L3013-1-04Core/Discipline Course
4Quantum Physics-IIPH3L3023-1-04Core/Discipline Course
5Mathematical Physics IIPH3L3033-0-03Core/Discipline Course
5Advanced Experimental TechniquesPH3P3011-0-33Core/Discipline Course
6Pre-internship Practice (Demo lessons, Peer teaching)ED3L0030-0-02 
Total Credits   22 
Semester 6     
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Assessment and EvaluationED3L0042-0-02 
2Inclusive EducationED3L0052-0-02 
4Mathematical & Quantitative ReasoningED3L0072-0-02 
5Statistical MechanicsPH3L3043-1-04Core/Discipline Course
6Nuclear and Particle PhysicsPH3L3053-1-04Core/Discipline Course
7ProjectPH3D3010-0-06Core/Discipline Course
8School Observation (Field Practice)ED3L0080-0-02 
Total Credits   26 
Semester 7     
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Curriculum Planning & Development (textbooks, material development, etc.) – (Stage Specific)ED4L0012-0-02 
2Perspectives on School Leadership and ManagementED4L0022-0-02 
3Art (Performing and Visual) & Creative ExpressionsHS4L0210-0-32 
4Sports, Nutrition and FitnessED4L0030-0-32 
5School-based Research ProjectED4L0040-0-32 
6Internship in TeachingED4L0050-0-1510 
Total Credits   20 
Semester 8     
SL No.Subject NameSub CodeLTPCreditRemarks
1Citizenship Education, Sustainability and Environment EducationHS4L0222-0-02 
2Education Policy AnalysisED4L0062-0-02 
3Philosophical & Sociological Perspectives of Education-IIHS4L0233-1-04 
4Yoga and Understanding SelfHS4L0242-0-02 
5Depth Elective I (Education Major) 3-1-04 
6Creating Teaching Learning Material/Work Experience (Educational Toy making, local/traditional vocations, etc.)ED4L0070-0-32 
7Post Internship (Review and Analysis)ED4L0080-0-32 
8Community Engagement and ServiceED4L0090-0-32 
Total Credits   20 
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