IIT Bhubaneswar

Outbound Students

IIT Bhubaneswar Students willing to visit abroad either as a part of their academic programme (as an exchange student) or as an intern during their vacations are facilitated by our office.
IIT Bhubaneswar’s notification regarding continuation of Fellowship/ Assistantship during students’ visit to other Institutions/ Universities/ Organizations for research purpose can be found here.

Supplementary funding for Students and Faculty members of IIT Bhubaneswar while on externally funded study tours.

Partial travel support is available to students attending reputed international conferences/ symposia/ workshops or internships. Students should seek such support through the following schemes.

  1. Schemes managed by the Dean Faculty/ Dean PGRP.
  2. Support available through external agencies
    1. INAE Travel Grant Scheme for Engineering Students
    2. From CSIR for PhD students
    3. SERB- International Travel Support (ITS)

      The SERB- ITS scheme is to provide financial assistance for presenting an original research paper or chairing a session or delivering a keynote address in an international scientific event held abroad (conference/seminar/symposium, etc.). This scheme also provides support to young researchers (Age<35 years on the date of the start of the event) for attending workshops, short-term training programs, and schools being organized outside India.

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