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S. K. Dash Center Of Excellence Of Biosciences and Engineering & Technology (SKBET) Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar

Founder of SKBET

Dr. Sita Kantha Dash

Occupation: Innovator; Entrepreneur; Philanthropist

Born: Cuttack, Odisha, November 15, 1942


Ph.D. (Nutrition & Biochemistry), South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota (USA) 1973.

MS (Nutrition), South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota (USA) 1970.


Chairman and Founder, UAS Laboratories, LLC. Wausau, WI (USA), April 2013-Present; President & Founder, DD Innovations, Inc., Edina, Minnesota (USA) January 2014 – Present; President , UAS Laboratories, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) 1979- April 2013; President, APN Laboratories, Inc. Wisconsin (USA) 2010-2013; Director, Food and Drug, South Dakota, (USA) 1973- 81; Adjunct Professor, Dept of Health & Nutritional Sciences, South Dakota State University, 2011-Present; Adjunct Professor, Department of Health Science, Minnesota State University, Minnesota (USA) 1991-1992; Vice President & Director, International Probiotics Association 2008-2011; Chairman, Kalinga HCO Foundation 2008- Present.

Career Related:

Director, Kalinga Hospital; Director, Hospital Corporation of Odisha; President, Odisha Society of Americas; Director, International Probiotics Association; Chairman, Hindu Society of Minnesota; Chairman, Kalinga HCO foundation; Director, India Association of Minnesota; Chairman, Dr. Dash Foundation.

Innovative Works:

Introduced acid-resistant, non-dairy probiotics in USA; Introduced quality control (CFU/g) standards for probiotics worldwide; expanded consumer awareness on probiotics in USA that has grown from 5% ten years ago to 85% now and helped increase probiotics market from 10 million dollars to 32 billion dollars today. Developed and marketed most stable and effective probiotic strains Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1 and other strain like Lactobacillus plantarum 2B. Innovator of clinically tested probiotic products – Probioplus DDS, DDS-Acidophilus, DDS-Plus, DDS-Junior and Cran-Gyn DDS. Inventor of “Method of preventing, Controlling and ameliorating Urinary tract infections and supporting digestive health by using synergistic Cranberry derivative, A D-Mannose composition and a proprietary probiotic blend with US Patent #12/889,450 (Pending).


Established Dr. S. K. Dash Probiotic & Prebiotic Innovation Center for Excellence and Endowed Professorship at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneswar, India and South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota, USA 2014; Helped in establishing Non Resident Oriya Facilitation center (NROFC), Bhubaneswar, India; Helped in establishing Kalinga Hospital in Odisha ; Helped in setting up Fakir Mohan University in Odisha ; Helped in setting up Regional Blood Bank in Bhubaneswar; Helped in setting up four Odisha -America Resource centers in Odisha; Provide scholarships to students of Odisha State, South Dakota State University and South Dakota School of Mines; Helped in setting up Urgent Care health center in Cuttack, India; Adopted a village, three orphanages, four high schools in Odisha, India. Set up a Polytechnic Institute for under privileged students in Odisha, India. Founding member and president, Odisha Society of Americas 1993-1995; Chairman, Hindu Society of Minnesota 1996-98; Sponsored areas- Literature & Education (Pratibha Ray, Monoj Das, Chandrasekhar Rath, Bibhuti Patnaik and others); Art and Music (Prafulla Kar, Sikander Alam, Pranab Patnaik, Akshaya Mohanty, Raghunath Panigrahi and others), Dance (Sanjukta Panigrahi, Kelucharan Mohapatra, Gangadhar Pradhan, Aruna Mohanty, Kavita Diwedi and others); Mount Everest climber, Former President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam to Minneapolis and many others.

Awards and Honors:

Recipient “Distinguished Alumni Award”, South Dakota State University 2014; Recipient “2010 Probiotic Award”, Frost & Sullivan; Recipient “Minnesota Indo-American Association Achievement Award” 2009; Honored “Probiotic Prophet”, Healthy Living Consumer Magazine 2009; Honored “Minnesota State Senate” 2007; Recipient “Distinguished Non Resident Oriya” Government of Odisha (NROFC) 2006; Recipient “Prabasi Utkal Sanman”. “Outstanding man of the year” Odisha Society of Americas 2000; “Outstanding man of the year” Hindu Society of Minnesota 1998; Recipient “Distinguished Alumni Award”, Ch. R.N. Bidyapitha, Cuttack, India 2001; Recipient “Best of Eden Prairie Award”, U.S. Commerce Association 2009 – 2012; Recipient “Golden Arch Award”, NRI Institute for Innovation in Probiotics and medicine 1991; “Man of the year”, American Biographical Institute 1998; “Lion of the Year”, Capital Lions Club of Pierre, South Dakota 1977; Listed in who’s who in the world, who’s who in Midwest (USA) and National registry of Who’s who. Innovator and Entrepreneur nominee of America 1995.


Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society of North America; American Association for Advancement of Science; American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists; Institute of Food Technologists; Natural Product Association; American College of Advancement of Medicine; American Veterinary Medical Association; American Dairy Science Association; American Society of Animal Science; Council of Agricultural Science and Technology; South Dakota Academy of Science; New York Academy of Science; American College of Nutrition; The Collaborative Group; The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Minnesota Chapter; Academy of Nutrition and Dietietics, Minnesota Chapter; Edina Chamber of Commerce.


Son of Nila Kantha and Duti Dash; Married Kalpana Dash, June 18, 1967; Children: Raj Dash (Son) and Kelly (Daughter-in-Law); Dave Dash (Son) and Katie (Daughter-in-Law).


Home: 4925 Interlachen Court, Edina, MN 55436, USA

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