IIT Bhubaneswar

Institute Sponsored Project (Seed Grant Project)

TitlePI of ProjectSchoolValue of
Rs. in Lakhs
Date of approvalScheduled
date of closing
138SP138Role of Texture and Temperature on the response of Polycrystalline Shape Memory Alloys- A Discrete ParticleDr. Mahendran UchimaliSMS18.009-Jan-248-Jan-26Ongoing
137SP137Exploring and establishing technologies to develop high performance Magnesium Multicomponent alloys for automobile applicationDr. Suman DebSMS20.505-Jan-244-Jan-26Ongoing
136SP136An Artificial Intelligence Enabled Device for Fundus Imaging and Ocular Disease DetectionDr. Satish Kumar PandaSMS20.005-Jan-244-Jan-26Ongoing
135SP135Analysis of Piezoelectric and magneto-electro-elastic vibrational energy harvestersDr. Soumya Ranjan SahooSMS19.995-Jan-244-Jan-26Ongoing
134SP134The Deterrent Effect of Police and the Crime-Reporting Behaviour of Citizens: An Economic AnalysisDr. Sitakanta PandaSHSSM19.995-Jan-244-Jan-26Ongoing
133SP133Culinary Culture and Embodied Experiences: A Phenomenological InquiryDr. Sreetama MisraSHSSM18.515-Jan-244-Jan-26Ongoing
132SP132Adaptive observer construction of nonlinear control systems governed by differential algebraic equationsDr. Mahendra Kumar GuptaSBS15.1018-Dec-2317-Dec-25Ongoing
131SP131Experimental investigation of rigid pavements placed on geosynthetic-supported soil bedDr. Santoshkumar G.SIF25.4818-Dec-2317-Dec-25Ongoing
130SP130Algebraic properties of Squarefree Monomial ideals and Their PowersDr. Selvaraja SSBS10.0018-Dec-2317-Dec-25Ongoing
129SP129The Role of Farmer Producer’s Organizations (FPOs), Cooperative Societies, and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in Popularizing Millets: Evidence from OdishaDr. Nihar Ranjan JenaSHSSM20.0022-Nov-2321-Nov-25Ongoing
128SP128Innovative approaches for analyzing financial market dynamics: Computational Financial analysis with wavelets, Networks, and Statistical learning powered by High-Performance ComputingDr. Avishek BhandariSHSSM20.0018-Nov-2317-Nov-25Ongoing
127SP127Magma evolution and emplacement history of the mafic-ultramafic rocks from the North Purulia Shear Zone, Chhotanagpur Gneissic Complex, Eastern IndiaDr. Simontini SensarmaSEOCS20.0025-Oct-2324-Oct-25Ongoing
126SP126Self-Powered Microsensors for Non-Invasive Diabetes MonitoringDr. Sayan DeySES20.0012-Oct-2311-Oct-25Ongoing
125SP125Multi Channel speech enhancement and noise suppression using beamformingDr. Nitya TiwariSES20.005-Oct-234-Oct-25Ongoing
124SP124Prediction of task-fMRI activation maps from resting state-fMRI and structural MRI to enhance clinical applicability of fMRIDr. Himanshu Pramod PadoleSES20.005-Oct-234-Oct-25Ongoing
123SP123Investigating the Role of Emotion in Processing Language Using Behavioural MeasuresDr. Aprana PandeySHSSM20.005-Oct-234-Oct-25Ongoing
122SP122Characterization of hot metal and slag flow in dripping zone of blast furnaceDr. Snigdha GhoshSMMME20.005-Oct-234-Oct-25Ongoing
121SP121Investigation of Structural, Mechanical and Transport properties of Polymer-Grated Nanoparticles MeltsDr. Jiarul MidyaSBS19.9526-Sep-2325-Sep-25Ongoing
120SP120Numerical Simulations of the 2013 Kedarnath Floods: A case study on overtopping failure of natural dams and subsequent floodingDr. Tirtha Roy BiswasSIF18.6311-Sep-2310-Sep-25Ongoing
119SP119Merging bifunctionalization reactions with photocatalysisDr. Tuhin PatraSBS24.0011-Sep-2310-Sep-25Ongoing
118SP118Development of Dcellularized Platelet-Rich Fibrin Loaded MgP and MgS Scaffolds with Multiscale Porosity for Enhanced Bone RegenerationDr. Santanu MandalSMMME20.0011-Sep-2310-Sep-25Ongoing
117SP117Harvesting Singlet Fission-borne Triplets through Electron Transfer at the Acene: Perovskite InterfaceDr. Palas RoySBS25.958-Aug-237-Aug-25Ongoing
116SP116Graphene Nano Ribbons (GNSs) on Metal Oxide SurfacesDr. Avijit KumarSBS24.008-Aug-237-Aug-25Ongoing
115SP115Traces of Hecke Operators and p-ADIC Hypergeometric FunctionsDr. Neelam SaikiaSBS7.634-Aug-233-Aug-25Ongoing
114SP114Extensions of ValuationsDr. Arpan DuttaSBS10.0021-Mar-2320-Mar-25Ongoing
113SP113Stochastic Homogenisation in MicromagnetismDr. Akash Ashirbad PandaSBS10.0020.01.202319.01.2025Ongoing
112SP112Receiver Equalizer design for lossy serial links in CMOS TechnologyDr Nijam WarySES10.0005.01.202304.01.2025Ongoing
111SP111Numerical simulations of ultra-sensitive biosensing and enhanced non-linear effect in whispering gallery mode microresonatorsDr. Nirmalendu AcharyyaSBS10.0006.10.202105.10.2024Ongoing
110SP110Energy Consumption in Tribal Odisha a path towards Solar ElectrificationDr. Madhusmita DashSHSSM6.3025.09.202124.09.2023Completed
109SP109Investigating Basic Vocabulary Knowledge in English Language: A Study of First Generation Learners at Government Secondary Schools in Khurda Dist of OdishaDr. Rajakumar GuduruSHSSM3.0018.09.202131.03.2024Ongoing
108SP108Compact, efficient and optimized wide bandgap semiconductor-based power converter solutions for power quality improvementsDr.Subhajyoti MukherjeeSES8.524.03.202123.03.2023Completed
107SP107Modeling of topologically interlocked high-performance compositesDr. Mohammad Masiur RahamanSIF2.0025-02-202124-02-2023Completed
106SP106Design of QoS-Aware Gateway for Reliable IoT Communication NetworksDr.Soumya Prakash DashSES2.6608-02-202107-08-2023Completed
105SP105Optimization of Service Completion Time for Distributed Gradient Descent Algorithm in the Presence of Straggler Nodes.Dr. Anoop ThomasSES3.1505-02-202104-08-2023Completed
104SP104Phase field modelling of precipitate coarsening in superalloys: Effect of composition dependent mobilityDr. M Siva BhaskarSMMME9.9920.08.202016.02.2021Closed
103SP103CHL black holes and rademacher expansionDr. Abhishek ChowdhurySBS1006.11.202005.11.2022Completed
102SP102Development of Multiscale modelling methods to predict quantum properties of 2D material heterostructuresDr. Hemant KumarSBS1017.09.202016.09.2022Completed
101SP101Application of textured tools under cryogenic cooling environment for the machining of difficult to machine materialDr. ChetanSMS1005.09.202004.08.2023Completed
100SP100Development of novel two-layered pervious concrete for pavement applicationsDr. Anush K CSIF9.2501.08.202031.07.2022Completed
99SP099Investigation the role of aseismic slip in the generation of fluid-induced earthquakes – A combined modelling, observational and data-assimilation based studyDr. Pathikrit BhattacharyaSEOCS9.307.02.202006.02.2022Completed
98SP098Effect of texture and grains size on mechanical and corrosion prepertiesof Mg and its alloysDr. Rama Krushna SabatSIF1006.02.202005.02.2023Completed
97SP097Multiphysics analysis of cracked photovoltaic solar cellsDr. B Pattabhi RamaiahSMS1020.01.202030.06.2023Completed
96SP096Angel and Auto-commutator word mapDr. Sunil Kumar PrajapatiSBS5.714.01.202013.01.2022Completed
95SP095Development of non-toxic, cost-effective and stable mid-temperature (>300°C) thermoelectric materials (both p & n-type) with enhanced thermoelectric figure-of-merit” (SiGe alloys and Hf-free Half-Heusler Alloys).Dr. Sivaiah BathulaSMMME1023.11.201931.07.2022Completed
94SP094Finite Element based integrated analysis tool for Carbon Nano-tube (CNT) reinforced composites using refined kinematic modelDr. Devesh PuneraSIF9.914.09.201913.09.2021Completed
93SP093Runtime Monitoring of (Timed) PropertiesDr. Srinivas PinisettySES9.724.08.201923.08.2022Completed
92SP092Application of low altitude unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry in rapid urban mapping for flood preparedness, damage assessment and sustainable development planningDr. Yengkhom Kesorjit SinghSEOCS1002.07.201901.07.2021Completed
91SP091Design, development and analysis of integrated dual-output converter (IDOC) Technology for Renewable IntegrationDr. Olive RaySES1006.04.201905.04.2021Completed
90SP090Smart grid data analytics and algorithms for advanced management of T&D systems in the context of large scale renewable integration and demand side managementDr. Balakrishna PamulaparthySES1006.04.201905.04.2021Completed
89SP089Development of vibration assisted machining setup to address surface integrity issues on hard turned partsDr. Gaurav BartaryaSMS1008.02.201906.02.2022Completed
88SP088TAML:Timing Analysis with Machine LearningDr. Srinivas BoppuSES1005.02.201904.02.2021Completed
87SP087A study on fly ash-geosynthetics interaction characteristics pertinent to bridge abutmentDr. Shantanu PatraSIF1010.01.201909.01.2021Completed
86SP086Significance of monitoring molten pool thermal history and its influence on evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties in case of Titanium based ceramic metal matrix composite coatings deposited on nickel based super alloys using laser cladding processDr. Suvradip MullickSMS1031.10.201830.10.2020Completed
85SP085Modelling the Mechanical Behavior Mocro and Nanoporous MetalsDr. Kodanda Ram MangipudiSMMME1023.10.201822.04.2021Completed
84SP084Domain decomposition methods for non-linear problemsDr. Bankim Chandra MandalSBS9.908.10.201807.10.2020Completed
83SP083Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network TestbedDr. Sudipta SahaSES1031.01.201830.01.2020Completed
82SP082High directivity compact microstrip couplers using distributed realization of lumped elementsDr. Debapratim GhoshSES1008.10.201831.10.2021Completed
81SP081Influence of Grain size and gain size distribution on the creep behaviour of MgDr. Srikant GollapudiSMMME1008.10.201807.10.2020Completed
80SP080Development of microstructure predicton model for additive manufacturing using selective laser melting processDr. Anirban BhattacharyaSMS1008.02.201707.02.2019Completed
79SP079Soil Moisture Estimation for Drought Studies and Infiltration ModellingDr. Meenu RamadasSIF1010.01.201709.01.2019Completed
78SP078Design and development of multipath ultrasonic flowmeter with beam steering transducerDr. Venugopal ArumuruSMS1022.10.201621.10.2018Completed
77SP077Comparison of control techniques for residential PV system with module based maximum power point trackingDr. Dipankar DeSES1007.12.201605.06.2019Completed
76SP076Engineering of Droplet Manipultion in Tertiary Junction Microfluidic ChannelsDr. Sasidhar KondarajuSMS1008.09.201607.09.2018Completed
75SP075Microwave Photocatalytic Treatment For Soft Drink Beverage Industry WastewaterDr .Remya NeelancherrySIF1029.08.201628.08.2018Completed
74SP074Efficient Jammers for cognitive radio networkDr. Barathram RamkumarSES9.3510.09.201509.09.2017Completed
73SP073Seismic response of fly ash brick infill wall with openingDr. Goutam MandalSIF9.802.09.201501.09.2017Completed
72SP072Power quality enhancement and control of distributed generation in grid interactive systemsDr. S R KarankiSES1023.03.201522.03.2017Completed
71SP071Estimation of radiation interaction parameters using combined numerical model and observationsDr. S R KannanSMS6.623.03.201522.03.2017Completed
70SP070Unnat Bharat Abhiyan CellsDr. Seema BahinipatiSBS2016.01.2015 Completed
69SP069Seismic and TsunamiHazard and Risk Evaluation in OdishaDr. Abhisek Kumar RaiSEOCS903.11.201402.11.2015Completed
68SP068Simulation of Day and Night Sea Surface Temperature in the Noth Indian Ocean: A One-dimensinal Modelling ApproachDr. Debadatta SwainSEOCS1031.10.201430.10.2016Completed
67SP067Vertical Structure of Mesoscale Eddies in the Western Bay of Bengal from ARGO and AltimetryDr. Sourav SilSEOCS1031.10.201430.10.2016Completed
66SP066Development of a computer vision assisted system to facilitate full body rehabilitationDr. Debi Prosad DograSES9.707.07.201406.07.2016Completed
65SP065Design and development of a lab scale molten salt electrolyzer to extract highly reactive metalsDr. Randhir SinghSMMME910.06.201409.06.2016Completed
64SP064Development of an expeditious synthetic approach towards the construction of medium & large size dioxabicyclic scaffolds present in diverse bioactive natural productsDr. Tabrez KhanSBS1010.06.201409.06.2016Completed
63SP063Design and development of intelligent non-invasive cardiac health monitoring systemDr. M Sabarimalai ManikandanSES1016.05.201415.05.2016Completed
62SP062Polymer nanocomposites thin films for microelectromechanical systems: synthesis and mechanical characterizationDr. Kaushik DasSMMME1007.05.201406.05.2016Completed
61SP061High performance computing of flow past reflex shape aerofoils suitable for micro-aerofoils suitable for micro-aerial vehiclesDr. Yogesh G BhumkarSMS1007.05.201406.05.2016Completed
60SP060Test case generation for covering deeper targets in simulink / stateflow modelsDr. Manoranjan SatpathySES7.516.05.201415.05.2016Completed
59SP059Band-gap engineering in transition metal oxide ferroelectrics for prospective photovoltaic applicationsDr. Amritendu RoySMMME1011.04.201410.04.2016Completed
58SP058Aumated security verification and diagnosis of smart grid advanced metering infrastructure – A formal approachDr. Padmalochan BeraSES9.0518.03.201417.03.2016Completed
57SP057Chemo-mechanistic physiologyand regulation of kaic ATPaseDr. Anasuya RoychowdhurySBS1018.03.201417.03.2016Completed
56SP056Measures for improving the attractiveness of non-motorized transport in urban areaDr. Debasis BasuSIF9.631.01.201430.01.2016Completed
55SP055Dynamic walking gait generation and path planning of a biped robot using soft computingDr. V. Pandu RangaSMS104.12.201303.12.2015Completed
54SP054Study and design of object recognition systemDr. N B PuhanSES7.219.11.201318.11.2015Completed
53SP053Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography of the Asian Monsoon and Japan SeaDr. Raj Kumar SinghSEOCS1004.07.201330.09.2015Completed
52SP052Nox Removal study by Electrical Discharge: Experimental and Theoretical ValidationDr. Sankarsan MohapatroSES1006.06.201305.06.2015Completed
51SP051Electrodeposited wear and corrosion resistant nanocrystalline coatingsDr. soobhankar PatiSMMME1020.05.201319.05.2015Completed
50SP050Water quality and future water needs of Bhubaneswar City: implication of overdraw of groundwater on aquifer characteristicsDr. Syed Hilal FarooqSEOCS1019.04.201318.04.2015Completed
49SP049Structure-Function studies of Extra Cellular loop 2 (ECL2) of C5aR and CL2 receptorsDr. Soumendra RanaSBS1010.04.201309.04.2015Completed
48SP048sensitivity of deep convection and heavy precipitation to cloud microphysical parameterizationDr. Sandeep PattanaikSEOCS1012.01.201311.01.2015Completed
47SP047Influence of volumetric composition and aggregate properties on rutting potential of bituminous mixesDr. Umesh Chandra SahooSIF1004.11.201215.09.2015Completed
46SP046Dynamic maximum power point tracking of grid connected photo voltaic (PV) systemDr. Nirod Chandra SahooSES1004.11.201203.05.2015Completed
45SP045Control of Decoherences in double quantum dot (DQD) systems through Aharonov – Bohm fluxDr. Malay ku BandyopadhyaySBS1017.09.201216.09.2014Completed
44SP044Experimental Vibro – Acoustic modal analysisDr. Satish D. DhandoleSMS1017.09.201216.09.2014Completed
43SP043Higgs boson decaying to Z-boson and a photonDr. Seema BahinipatiSBS1011.09.201231.03.2015Completed
42SP042Direct Numerical simulation (DNS) of strained Isotropic TurbulenceDr. Satyanarayana AyyalasomayajulaSMS1011.09.201210.09.2014Completed
41SP041Optimum trench design for buried pipelines crossing thrrough seismic fault zonesDr. Suresh R DashSIF1002.08.201201.08.2014Completed
40SP040Development of Higher Order compact difference schemes for fluiddynamical problems and Magnetohydrodynamics.Dr.TVS SekharSBS1027.07.201226.01.2015Completed
39SP039Generalized stress strain model for ultra file grain AI alloysDr. Partha Sarathi DeSMMME1028.06.201231.12.2014Completed
38SP038Topics in string theory, Ads/CFT, phase Transitions in Black holes and quantum physicsDr. C BhamidipaqtiSBS1020.06.201231.12.2014Completed
37SP037Evaluation of granular media structure as a model for ideal glassDr. Kishore SahuSMMME522.05.201221.05.2014Completed
36SP036Laplacian Spectra of product granphsDr. Sasmita BarikSBS522.03.201221.03.2014Completed
35SP035Development of wide-band gap, solid – state raiation detectors operated at room temperatureDr. NVNL MurtySES8.521.02.201220.02.2014Completed
34SP034Studies on Characterization of Unsaturated Soils usinh Thermal FlixDr. B H Hanumantha RaoSIF521.02.201220.02.2014Completed
33SP033Robust PID Compensation of a Magnetic Levitation Systems vis Robust Feedback Liearization Approach : An experimental studyDr. Arun GhoseSES4.911.11.201131.12.2013Completed
32SP032Understanding Technology: Towards an Unified FrameworkDr. Aanamitra BasuHSS&M514.09.201131.12.2013Completed
31SP031Smisoiled Processing of Aluminium based alloys/ composites by coolong slope techniqueDr. Animesh MandalSMMME507.07.201131.12.2013Completed
30SP030Development of adaptive relaying scheme for FACTs compensated Transmission lines.Dr. S.R. SamantaraySES520.04.201131.12.2013Completed
29SP029Hydraulics of Backward Facing Step with TransitionsDr. Arindam SarkarSIF505.04.201131.12.2013Completed
28SP028Study of the Logistic Na waste management activities of health care industries in Orissa: An inter – district AnalysisDr. Akhilesh BarveSMS2.525.03.201131.12.2013Completed
27SP027Role of Self Help Groups (SHGs) in povert Alleviation in Orissa A inter – district AnalysisDr. Dhukhabandhu SahooHSS&M4.507.12.201031.12.2013Completed
26SP026Symmetric of Heterocyclic DNA sugar Template: A Novel, general and Versatile Merhodology to Modified NucleosidesDr. Shantanu PalSBS529.10.201031.12.2013Completed
25SP025Impact of Water users Associations (WUAs) under the policy of participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)in Orissa.Dr. N. C. SahuHSS&M2.309.09.201031.12.2013Completed
24SP024Twentieth Century marginal Womens’s Autobigraphics Writing: A Contrastive study of India and the United States.Dr. Punyashree PandaHSS&M421.07.201031.12.2013Completed
23SP023Personality , online flow and internet AddictionDr. Asmita ShuklaHSS&M519.07.201031.12.2013Completed
22SP022Development of Enhanced Micro and Nano porus surface for re-boiler and evaporators used in petroleum and chemical Industries.Dr. Mihir kumar DasSMS520.07.201031.12.2013Completed
21SP021Julia sets of transcendtal Meromorphic functionDr. Tarakanta NayakSBS519.07.201031.12.2013Completed
20SP020Changing Images of England in India writing in English: A study of selected AutibiographicsDr. Amrita SatapathyHSS&M317.07.201031.12.2013Completed
19SP019Multi Objective Multi – level decision making tools for Environmental and Regional Planning.Dr. A. K. OjhaSBS4.116.07.2010.31.12.2013Completed
18SP018Adhesion failure and delaminationdamage analysis of bonded joints in shells and panels made with laminated FRP composites and Functionally Graded Material(FGM)Dr. Arun Kumar PradhanSMS516.07.201031.12.2013Completed
17SP017An accurate Assessment of the Beheviour of sandwich Limanates using an Improved Higher orderZigzag plate Model.DR. Mihir Kumar PanditSMS516.07.201031.12.2013Completed
16SP016Structure, Dynamic and hydrogen bond properties of Ionic and molecular solutes in aqueous solutions at different thermodynamics conditions: A molecular dynamics simulations study.Dr. Snehasis ChowdhuriSBS515.07.201031.12.2013Completed
15SP015Functional Metallosupramolecular Array: High Definition Matal Ion Grid Architectures.Dr. Akhilesh Ku SinghSBS516.06.201031.12.2013Completed
14SP014Consideration of Greeen House gas in the Designing of Sustainable Activated Sludge treatment of Sewage and Bio-Sludge disposal SchemeDr. Puspendu BhuniaSIF507.04.201031.12.2013Completed
13SP013Optimization and Characterization of high performance self- compacting concrete (SCC)Dr. Dinakar paslaSIF507.06.201031.12.2013Completed
12SP012Study of Pharmaceutical Co-CrystalsProf. V. R. PedireddiSBS502.02.201031.12.2013Completed
11SP011Structural basis enhancement of cheperon function of alpha- crystallinDr. Ashish BiswasSBS507.06.201031.12.2013Completed
10SP010Ionization studies of Molecules by election impact.Dr. Shyamal ChatterjeeSBS507.06.201031.12.2013Completed
9SP009Functional Metallosupramolecular Array: High Definition Matal Ion Grid Architectures.Dr. Niharika MohapatraSBS507.06.201031.12.2013Completed
8SP008Cluster and cluster – assembled nanoparticles as an efficient application in molecular electronics and sensorsDr. Sachidananda RathSBS507.06.201031.12.2013Completed
7SP007Classification of Switched capacitor in the Distribution NetworkDr. C. N. BhendeSES5.507.06.201031.12.2013Completed
6SP006Design and Development of a surface plasmon Resonance based chalcogenide glass sensor for broadband Infrred sensingDr. Rajah JhaSBS516.04.201031.12.2013Completed
5SP005Behaviour of Masonary walls under Reverible LoadingProf. S.C. DuttaSIF516.04.201031.12.2013Completed
4SP004Static & Dynamic response of Beams on Elastic Foundation considering soil spatial variabilityDr . Sumanta HalderSIF5.616.04.201031.12.2013Completed
3SP003Designing the Nanoarchitecture using Metal – Bist- Triazine- based Lignads Motif.Dr. Srikanta PatraSBS516.04.201031.12.2013Completed
2SP002Variational Inequalities and Complementary problems to study the climate change in eastern region (Orissa) of India .Dr. Sabyasachi PaniSBS516.04.201031.12.2013Completed
1SP001Computational Analysis of queuing Models with application .Dr.Abhijit Datta BanikSBS516.04.201031.12.2013Completed
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