IIT Bhubaneswar

Institutional Human Ethics Committee(IHEC)

The institutional human ethics committee (IHEC) of IIT Bhubaneswar is currently comprised of the following members, as approved by the competent authority.


  1. Prof. Dilip Kumar Parida, Professor & Head, Department of Radiation Oncology, AIIMS Bhubaneswar (Chairperson)
  2. Dr. Soumendra Rana, Associate Professor, SBS (Member Secretary)
  3. Dr. Prama Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, SHSSM (Alternate member secretary)
  4. Ms. Snehanjali Mohanty, Advocate (Legal Expert)
  5. Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Khan, Senior medical officer, Sanjeevan Health Center (Clinician)
  6. Dr. Rishi Mishra, Medical officer, Sanjeevan Health Center (Medical Scientist)
  7. Dr. Sreetama Misra, Assistant Professor, SHSSM (Philosopher/Ethicist)
  8. Dr. Kajari Chatterjee, Member (Community Representative)
  9. Prof. Dinakar Pasla, Member (Dean, SRIC, Ex officio)


The tenure of the above committee will initially be for two years. The tenure of the members can be extended with mutual consent. New members will be added periodically based on the requirements.


IHEC of IITBBS will follow the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) National Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research involving Human Participants, including the Ethical Guidelines for Application of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Research and Healthcare.

Role of IHEC

IHEC of IITBBS will review academic research projects involving the participation of human subjects and volunteers, including biological fluids, samples, and data. Faculty members of IIT Bhubaneswar engaged in such research activities must secure clearance and necessary approval from IHEC before the start of a research project.

Meeting Frequency

Initially, IHEC will meet twice a year (between December-January, and July-August). IITBBS-IHEC will send an announcement to all for the upcoming meeting a month (approximately) prior to the scheduled meeting. However, if needed, the committee can meet beyond the above schedule.

Submission of the Proposal to IHEC for Review

Faculty members are requested to submit their proposals in hard copy. In addition, faculty members are requested to email their proposals as a single, consolidated PDF file containing all necessary supporting documents. Please take note that if necessary, IHEC may ask for additional documents not listed below.

  1. Proposal for review in appropriate template
  2. Signed Undertaking by the PI
  3. Informed Consent Form (ICF) in English and vernacular languages
  4. Questionnaire / Feedback Form (if any), in English and vernacular languages
  5. Other Supporting Documents (if any, specific to the proposal)
  6. CV of PI and Co-PI (If applicable)

Template for Submission of the Proposal

Common format for studies involving Human Participants, Biological Fluids, Samples, Data of human origin. Strike out whatever is not applicable to the project.

Note: The template format is suitably adapted from other institutes like IIT Bombay and IIT Madras.

Templates for Informed Consent Form (ICF)

Templates for Continuing and Study Completion Report

Note: The templates are based on the Research Ethics Committee (REC) of the World Health Organization  and have been suitably adapted from other institutes like IIT Bombay and IIT Madras.

Registration of IHEC of IITBBS

We are in the process of registering the IHEC of IIT Bhubaneswar under the Dept. of Health Research, Ministry of Health, and Family Welfare (Link)


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