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The Counselling Service Team (or CST as we like to call it), at IIT Bhubaneswar, is a student body consisting of students driven with a passion to help others, guided by their mentors from the teaching staff. Established to serve and cater to the problems of the freshmen of IIT Bhubaneswar, the CST has always been helping and offering a comfort zone to express oneself freely. Counselling for us, is a process that develops a bond among the freshers and their seniors, creating a mentor-student relationship. We intend to cultivate in a student, an insight and develop him into a confident individual who may get through the inner turmoil and outer perils whenever the time calls upon.

After multiple years of coaching and toiling to get into an IIT, students find themselves facing the responsibility of dealing with what ought to be done in their newly acquired independence, while moving into their new home. This difficulty is eased out as the students are in constant supervision of their Student Guides from CST right from the time they get enrolled in IIT-BBS. The CST is responsible for introducing freshers to their new environment away from their beloved parents which is mostly a first time for a majority of them.

We ensure all round development of a student’s personality and confidence and see to it that he/she may get to become an individual with skills and tools to cut through even the most difficult situations in college life and beyond. We introduce them to the platforms which helps them to hone their skills and talents. We cater to their needs and provide them with a detailed know-how of our college.

So parents, be confident that your child will get constant guidance from our members and all of his/her questions will be answered, for we are here to help! Do ask us anything and everything, and get rid of that last shred of worry eating you up at the back of your mind. We, at CST are here to make sure that the students get the best atmosphere to develop and shine, for he/she is in the very path to be part of the legacy that has produced excellent engineers, business tycoons, civil servants, revolutionary politicians (lately) and what not.

‘Welcome to ‘The Family’.

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