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Orientation programme

The introductory event designed to welcome the freshers, the orientation program, was held on 7th August ’23. The Director of IIT Bhubaneswar, Prof. Shreepad Karmalkar addressed the new family of IIT Bhubaneswar and had a formal talk session with them. The heads of all the departments introduced themselves and gave a brief intro to their respective branches. The institution’s culture, policies, and decorum are being emphasized in the orientation program. The basic academic regulations are thus highlighted in the program. Students were made aware of how the grading system is done and also the rules of summer quarter supplementary examinations etc., Students were informed about the student activity center, different fests, and societies existing in the college.

Events organized by CST

CST intern week :

To motivate and act as a guide for the students who are looking for internships, CST came up with a new initiative called CST Intern WeekSeniors who’ve bagged a notable internship opportunity in prospering MNCs were interviewed in May and posted on the social media handles of CST

CST mock interviews: 

For the students aspiring for internships and to give the experience of interviews for the candidates,  CST organized mock interviews today. With the help of the incredible alumni of IIT Bhubaneswar, more than 100 mock interviews were conducted.

M.Tech. registrations:  

CST facilitated the admission process for M.Tech students by assisting with the registration formalities, during July. The Student Guides were provided with the contact details of the students and promptly reached out to them, offering guidance throughout the registration process. All necessary information was efficiently provided online to the students taking admission to the college.

Freshers arrival and B.Tech. registrations:

To ease the transition of the arrival of freshers, CST assured its support constantly throughout the period. One must accept that the arrival of freshers is exciting and challenging too. CST made sure it was a memorable one for both parents and freshers too.

From the WhatsApp group to the registrations, the CST team helped the students in clearing the queries. Student guides under the guidance of assistant coordinators, ensure a friendly environment for freshers during their arrival.

Treasure hunt:

To make the students aware of the surroundings and also to begin the new bonding among their peers, CST organized a treasure hunt. Students were made teams under thirty-seven SG. It’s a three-round competition shortlisting students in every round. Freshers thoroughly enjoyed and made new friendships among themselves, which is the motto of the event. The winners of the treasure hunt are gifted during the Freshers Got Talent (FGT).

Freshers Got Talent ( FGT):

 To provide a platform and an opportunity for the freshers to showcase their talent among their peers, CST organized Freshers Got Talent on 20th August. There were mind-blowing performances by freshers ranging from music, dance, standup comedy, magic, etc., and at the end, they were awarded the titles based on their performances.


Career Counselling:

Focussing on the upskilling of second-year students, CST started a new initiative called Career counselling. The veteran professors from respective departments highlighted the various fields one can choose after graduating from a specific branch. They suggested ways to understand challenging concepts and how to become a good engineer in our respective fields.

Halloween party:

Inspired by theme parties, that showcase the fashion and creative sense among students, CST conducted the Halloween Party on October 29th. The Halloween party witnessed a huge gathering in history. There were varying ranges of games and competitions that involved huge participation from the IIT BBS fraternity. The main motto of the event is to give a sign of relief to students amidst academic life, in a creative manner.

Valentine’s Week :

February has long been celebrated as the month of love. From the 7th to the 14th of Feb, CST’s Instagram page is actively dropped off by multiple interactive games for both singles and lovey-dovey couples to celebrate Valentine’s week. Games such as BINGO!, guess the Love Tune, Drop a Gem, Express, and many more events were conducted in 7 days.

Seniors Got Talent ( SGT):

CST organized Seniors Got Talent (SGT), where the seniors were invited to perform their hearts out on the stage. The splendid event took place on 13th February 2024 in the community center. The event was truly splendid as it allowed the seniors to make memories that they will cherish for life.

Youth Adda: 

The counselling services team (CST) organized “Youth Adda”, a forum for students that helped them collectively think aloud about issues that were a cause for concern for them. It was an informal event for students to express their thoughts and opinions in a safe space. The platform spanned academic as well as non-academic issues. The professors shared their life stories and how they overcame the pressures during their youth. With their stories, they inspired many of the attendees.

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